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Balkans |  Greece speaks Bayraktar Kızılelma

It was said that Kızılelma, which made its first flight at Çorlu, “will be able to successfully carry out the most difficult missions”. A call was made to Athena, “We have to get the drones right away.”

Turkey is implementing projects to enhance its defense by air, sea and land.

Bayraktar Kizilma, Turkey’s first combat drone, which is one of the important initiatives, made its maiden flight.

Greek press: The red apple flew first

The 18-minute flight in Tekirdağ Çorlu opened the doors of a new era in Turkish aviation history.

This development had wide repercussions in the Greek press. Website called “Penta Postagma”, “Red Red flew for the first time.” he wrote.

“Able to successfully perform even the most difficult tasks”

Pointing out that Turkey is competing for time in its weapons programme, “The Red Red will be able to successfully complete even the most demanding missions thanks to its low radar signature due to its design.” It has been said.

Call Athena: We must get the drones right away

Expressing the superiority of Turkey and the growing “Turkish threat” in the Aegean Sea, the administration of Athens “We suggest getting the drones right away.” The call is made.

characteristic of red apples, “GPS Autonomous Navigation, High Maneuverability, Ultrasonic Contrast, Low Radar Visibility, Intelligent Autonomy” mentioned as.

“Red Red on stage for the first time”

Also on the Army Voice website. “Erdogan’s red apple on stage for the first time” Address included.

in the news, Turkey’s new warplane made its first flight. Developed by Baykar, Kızılelma successfully made its first flight. It has been said.

Baykar Chairman and Chief Technology Officer Selcuk Bayraktar, “We couldn’t keep it on the ground any longer. Thank God.” Data has been transferred.

They also talk about Albatross-S

On the other hand, the Greek press talked about the Albatros-S (IDA) unmanned marine vehicle herd project, “The Albatross-S has the ability to carry out various cruise modes. It is characterized by high speed, flexibility, low radar and infrared cross-section.” He said.

It was noted that Turkey conducted extensive testing of the Albatros-S unmanned vehicle and developed tactics to use it against enemy sea and land targets.

“High-speed boats full of Turkish marines…”

By contacting the Greek government, “We must fight in the field of air and sea drones in response to speedboats full of Turkish marines that will move towards the shores of one of our islands.” expression was used.

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