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Balkans |  Greek media: ANKA-3 increases the danger to us

He stated that Türkiye’s capabilities in the defense industry continue to develop. Drawing attention to the wide scope of ANKA-3’s use, a call was made to Athena, “We must buy a large number of UAVs.”

ANKA-3 attracted attention with its low radar visibility and high speed, and showed itself on the runway for the first time.

The unmanned warplane developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) is preparing to make its first flight in May.

‘The threat to Greece is growing’

On the other hand, Greece continues to closely follow the achievements of Turkey’s defense industry.

Pentapostagma newspaper from the Greek Press, “The new Turkish warplane ANKA-3 is coming. The threat to Greece is increasing.” he wrote.

“Türkiye develops its capabilities”

He stated that ANKA-3 is currently conducting ground taxi tests, and said:

It is a fact that Turkey has developed its defense industry capabilities with a large number of SİHAs. Among them is the ANKA-3, which belongs to the family of unmanned aerial vehicles developed by TAI mainly for the Turkish Air Force.

With its “flying wing” structure, it has several advantages such as low radar visibility, high speed and high payload capacity. ANKA-3 will be the third member of the company’s SİHA product family.

It has the ability to attack air to ground and air

It was noted that with the ANKA-3, air-to-surface and air-to-air attacks could be carried out when necessary.

He stated that it can also be used for electronic warfare to neutralize enemy systems on the ground, and it can participate in joint operations with aircraft such as the Hürjet and F-16 warplanes.

The range of use of the aircraft is very wide

Continuing the same news, ANKA-3 is mentioned with the following words:

The scope of use of this aircraft is very wide. If it makes its first flight soon, it will be ready for the first mission by the end of the year or early next year.

Greece alert: a large number of drones must be purchased

In the news section titled “Greece’s reaction,” the Athens administration was contacted:

We can say that ANKA-3 can perform electronic warfare, reconnaissance, intelligence gathering, surveillance, air-to-ground attack, attack enemy helicopters, aircraft, SİHAs, and neutralize enemy radars.

We must understand how necessary it is for Greece to continue layered shielding with anti-drone systems at the strategic and tactical level. We must immediately resume the purchase of large numbers of drones.

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