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Balkans |  Hatay breakfast table of Western Thracians living in Bursa!

The Association of Solidarity with the Turks of Western Thrace Bursa branch held the traditional breakfast program in Hatay.

The West Thracian Stock Exchange Branch of Solidarity with the Turks (BTDDD) held the traditional iftar program every year on February 6 this year in Hatay, which is one of the cities that suffered the most from the earthquake that was described as the disaster of the century.

In Hatay, where the wounds are still fresh and the reconstruction work has begun, we conveyed the greetings of the citizens of Western Thrace to the families of the earthquake victims in order to share the suffering of our compatriots and support them even a little. A little bit,” Hasan Karumer, Head of BTTDD Bursa Branch, said that this year’s express breakfast program was held in Hatay. He stated that after the decision was made, my Bursa colleagues embraced this idea with great support.

Indicating that he is happy to be supported by his fellow citizens, Karaumer said, “As Western Thracians, we stand today by our motherland as we always do. In addition to the aid we sent to the earthquake zone with great cooperation from the first moment of the earthquake, we did not want to leave the earthquake victims behind.” Alone in the holy month of Ramadan.As one of the virtues of fasting is that a complete person understands the condition of the hungry, we thought that while we were sitting in our warm homes, we should understand the situation of our compatriots here.For this reason, we decided to share this year’s Iftar on behalf of our compatriots with our compatriots in Hatay Yes, the pain is great here, and the pain is new here, but there is no difficulty that the Turkish people cannot overcome when they are side by side. Just as we, as Western Thracians, are confident that our fatherland is with us, so today is the day of repayment of our debt to your fatherland, even If only a little bit. Today is the day to stand by our compatriots who were affected by the earthquake. As the board of directors of the BTTDD Bursa Branch, we are very proud to mediate such solidarity on behalf of our compatriots. We are proud to convey the greetings of the Turks of Western Thrace to people who are miles away from our homeland and to share them their strength.”

Next week we will be in Malatya.

Mayor Karaumer announced that his assistance to the earthquake region will continue, “We met with our compatriots in Hatay this week. As BTTDD Bursa Branch, we will continue to do our best for our earthquake victims and next week we will organize an Iftar and Suhoor program on behalf of our compatriots in Yeşilyurt district of Malatya.

In the breakfast program, where more than 2000 fast breakfasts were served, with the participation of Osmangazi Mayor of the region, our compatriot Mustafa Dundar, Chairman of the Board Hasan Karomer and members of the Board of Directors Azizoglu, Av. Ali Osman Ali Osman and d. Benjamin Ayaz, Bulent Recepnoglu, Zakaria Osman, Radvan Mehmet, Hasan Kurtulç, Dr. Ismail Hüseyin, Ugur Reşit and Mert Sarıcali attended.

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