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Balkans |  He told the search and rescue team in North Macedonia what they experienced in the earthquake zone

The team, which went to Turkey from North Macedonia to participate in the search and rescue efforts after the earthquakes that hit Kahramanmaraş, which is described as the “catastrophe of the century”, returned to their country after participating in the work in Adiyaman for about 10 years. days.

Zülfikar Zeynula, Deputy Director of the Protection and Rescue Directorate of North Macedonia, spoke about their experiences and the work they did in the earthquake zone.

Zenola said that in line with the meeting with the Turkish Embassy in Skopje, a team of 38 people first moved to Turkey with 13 fully equipped and equipped vehicles.

Pointing out that they continued their work they had started late in Adiyaman until the evening hours of the next day, Zenola said, “When we went there, I met an uncle who had lost his entire family. The uncle rolls up his sleeves to make soup for the survivors, clings on to life, tries to help the survivors as if nothing It didn’t happen. I will never forget that patience, that painting. That as I said at the beginning, I sincerely believe we will get through these difficult days only with one heart and with patience.” Use phrases.

She described the arrival of the children of an earthquake survivor, who lost her mother, father, husband and daughters, as “the most emotional moment”, and Zenola said it was a “miracle” that they were able to save a 38-year-old girl. person after 115 hours.

“We will build buildings, but the destinies that will remain there will remain forever.”

Team leader Ivica Naumovski also confirmed that when they received the news of the earthquake, they knew that the AFAD had the capacity to deal with all kinds of events, but when they received the news that the AFAD officials had the capacity to deal with all types of events. The Turkish Embassy in Skopje was coming to visit their institutions, and they realized the seriousness of the event.

Pointing out that their first duty station in Adiyaman was a 9-storey building in Yeni Mahal, Naumovsky said that in the building where 66 people were located, they reached the bodies of 3 people in 15 minutes in the first place.

Naumovsky continued his words as follows:

“Amidst all our grief, the greatest joy we experienced here was finding a woman in her forties who managed to survive inside the building. The woman was asking us for help. We communicated with him in Turkish with a professional translator with us. The interpreter was in constant communication with him. We asked Disaster and Emergency Management required an ambulance to stabilize his health and then transport him safely, and the whole process took about 8 hours.”

The woman was taken to the hospital by ambulance, Naumovsky said. “Unfortunately, we removed the bodies of 65 people from the same building and handed them over to the authorities in Adiyaman.” He said.

Explaining that its capacity is not very large because it is a small country, Naumovsky said that they were able to send a total of 68 people, 38 of whom were in the first place, and then 30 to Adiyaman, and he said:

“Our thoughts are always with the brotherly Turkish nation of the Republic of Turkey. Since our independence in 1991, Turkey has supported us in every step of our growth as a country. It was a small thing we could do for Turkey like the Republic of North Macedonia or the Directorate of Protection and Rescue.”

Naumovsky called the cries of the victims’ families, relatives and friends “the hardest moment”, but said it also encouraged them to work harder.

Naumovsky stated that another emotional moment for them during their studies was finding the course material the children were preparing for school or the observations of the women who were preparing for childbirth.

Emphasizing that he does not know how to express the pain there, Naumovsky said: “We will build buildings, buildings, or houses, whatever they may be, but the destinies that remain sealed there will remain there forever. We will build the building, but without the 65 people who live here, this building will not be ours.” The same building, and it will probably remain in look and feel, but the Fates no longer exist.” He said.


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