Balkans | Hinović from Search and Rescue Team BiH: None of us could have imagined the disaster

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Balkans |  Hinović from Search and Rescue Team BiH: None of us could have imagined the disaster

Faris Henović, 26, of the search and rescue team in Bosnia and Herzegovina said he immediately volunteered to join the search and rescue efforts in Turkey after the earthquakes that were the epicenter of Kahramanmaraş on February 6.

Hinović, who was part of the 234-person search and rescue team that moved from Bosnia and Herzegovina to the quake zone, told the AA reporter about his experiences regarding the search and rescue effort in Turkey.

Henovic, who has been working for Zenica’s Search and Rescue Federation in the central parts of the country since 2018, stated that he started this work with an instinct to help people and said, “I watched how many people helped others. I couldn’t do anything because at that time it wasn’t I have knowledge and experience.” He said.

Expressing that he underwent very intense and difficult training after being introduced to the Search and Rescue Unit in Zenica, Hainović said that training, training and knowledge are necessary in order to be part of the Search and Rescue team.

Finding missing mountaineers and foresters and helping people in distress are among their duties, Henovic said, “After the earthquakes in Turkey, I wanted to go there without thinking. I voluntarily signed up right away. I was willing to be with people waiting for help.” He said.

“None of us could imagine the catastrophe.”

They were working in the area of ​​the wreckage day and night when they reached the quake zone, Henovic explained, “I stayed in Turkey for 11-12 days. None of us could imagine the disaster. Seeing it with a live eye was completely different. No image or image can describe what It completely happened there.” Use phrases.

Henovic said, “Many things I saw are etched in my memory, but some of them will never be erased. Seeing people around the wreck waiting for their loved ones, wanting to know more about them, was heavier than a collapsed building. Buildings are rebuilt but human life is very difficult.” He said.

Many people came and thanked them during his time in Turkey, Henovic said, “We acted according to the information we received from Disaster and Emergency Management. With the help of search and rescue dogs, we achieved 100 percent results.” He said.

Noting that he had never been through a similar situation in his life, Henovic said, “Actually, none of us have faced such a great disaster. I did my best and I am glad for that.” Use phrases.

He is deeply saddened by what happened, Henovic said, “I was there day and night during the works on the wreck. I couldn’t leave even if my hour of work was over. The feeling of help was overwhelming. Something left for all of us in the quake zone.” He rated it.


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