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Balkans |  HÖH won the elections again in Karjali district

According to the results of counting parallel votes for social research companies used in the early general elections that took place on April 2, and information received from the headquarters of the political party, the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, which obtained 47,433 votes, equivalent to 69.47 percent of the vote. Votes won in Kardzhali constituency (No. HÖH/DPS). The “Citizens for a European Future in Bulgaria” (GERB) – Union of Democratic Forces (SDS) coalition, which increased its share of the vote compared to the previous October 2, 2022 elections, received 7,200 or 10.54% of the vote.

With 5,620 votes, or 8.23 ​​percent, the Continued Change Alliance – Democratic Bulgaria (WB) held on to third place. The total number of votes between the People’s Party and the DB coalition, which participated in the previous elections separately, was 5,074.

With 2,361, or 3.45 percent of the vote, the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) coalition also maintained its fourth place.

The Vizrajdan party, which received 2,250 votes, equivalent to 3.29% of the vote, increased its votes compared to the previous elections.

On the other hand, the There Are People (ITN) party votes decreased. According to the unofficial results, the turnout for ITN, which received 670 votes in Karjali district, is less than 1%. In the previous elections, 933 people voted for Slavi Trifonov’s party.


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