Balkans | Holiday gift from the students of Tefeyyüz to the earthquake survivors in Türkiye

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Balkans |  Holiday gift from the students of Tefeyyüz to the earthquake survivors in Türkiye

Students of Tefeyyüz Primary School in Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia, have sent their stuffed toys to earthquake survivors in Turkey along with their notes.

In collaboration with the International Balkan University (IBU) Civilization and Values ​​Club, Tefeyyüz students sent a teddy bear to their friends in Turkey, along with their notes, with the slogan “Distance does not prevent holidays”.

In the statement made by Tefeyyüz Elementary School on this topic, under the slogan “Distance does not prevent holidays”, plush dolls were given as gifts by our students to be delivered to the earthquake victims in Hatay and university students studying here from the earthquake. Under the umbrella of the Values ​​and Civilization Club at the International Balkan University. The happiness of our students who gave their children as gifts with beautiful and meaningful notes was worth watching. We congratulate our teacher Hafez Kadriye Suleiman and our students who have contributed to the realization of this organization.” It was said.

Hamira Bonci, a student at the International Balkan University and the Civilization and Values ​​Club within the university, said, “Our partnership of faith, our cultural world, the commonality of the language we speak, which continues despite many years and many adversities. In this ancient geography, which is our ancient geography, It made us welcome as guests, and it restored the awareness that we are not guests but rather hosts in this land we came from. This is exactly the reason why we launched the slogan “Distance does not prevent holiday celebrations” to deliver holiday gifts prepared for them by their brothers in North Macedonia, which we consider our second home To the little hearts that have been directly or indirectly affected by the catastrophe of the earthquake that occurred in our country in the past months, he used his statements.

Bönce conveyed his thanks to the IBU, Tefeyyüz Primary School and Maarif Schools in North Macedonia for their support in the project, “Finally, each of the small heartfelt notes poured on each toy sent with this organization, which we are happy to mediate today, is personally written in Turkish in our brother’s handwriting.” This is not only a celebration of our work, but also a testament to how strong the invisible bonds between these two geographic regions are.” He said.

Hafiz Kadriye Suleyman, one of the teachers of Tefeyyüz, deals with issues such as cooperation and participation in ethics lessons in religions and said that they are trying to implement them with students through various activities.

And indicating that their enthusiasm was worth seeing when they announced the project to the students this time, Suleiman said: “Some of them brought their favorite dolls, and some brought their bags and toys that they sewed with their own hands. They wrote beautiful and meaningful notes. Believe me, my words are not enough to describe them. The thing that excited them My favorite is the toys. They put festive sweets and chocolates in the bags. Especially this note was the end of the word… “The children in Skopje also love these chocolates and sweets, I hope you like them too. Inviting them to invite you to come here makes us hope for the future.” He said.

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