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Balkans |  Hungary supports a peaceful solution to the tension between Kosovo and Serbia

Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Peter Szijjarto said that they support a peaceful resolution of tensions between Serbia and Kosovo, but that his country will veto Kosovo’s membership in the Council of Europe if the vote takes place without unanimity.

Minister Szijjarto and Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic, who paid an official visit to Hungary, held a joint press conference.

Noting that Hungary and Serbia felt the effects of the Ukraine-Russian war and irregular migration closely and intensely, Sigarto said, “It is in the interest of both countries to ensure peace in Ukraine as soon as possible. The prolongation of the war and its possible escalation pose grave dangers for both countries,” he said.

Noting that the two countries have benefited from their cooperation, Szijjarto said that the Serbian-Hungarian bilateral trade volume increased by 75 percent last year, adding that last year, 4.8 billion cubic meters of natural gas was delivered to his country via Serbia via TurkStream natural gas. . Line.

When asked by a journalist about the tension between Serbia and Kosovo, Szijjarto said that Hungary supports a peaceful solution and reconciliation through dialogue, which is why NATO has previously undertaken to manage the peacekeeping force in Kosovo (KFOR).

Szijjarto said: “The premature acceptance of Kosovo by various European entities may jeopardize the search for reconciliation. Therefore, if there is a vote to accept Kosovo as a member of the Council of Europe, the government will vote ‘no’.” He said.

Statement of “reconciliation” on the problems between Kosovo and Serbia

Serbian Foreign Minister Dacic said his country has “three red lines” when it comes to Serbs in Kosovo.

While Dacic stated that their first red line was to “respect all signed agreements”, “Our second red line is that we will not recognize Kosovo’s independence and accept its membership in the European Union. Our third red line is the security of the Serbs in Kosovo.” He said.

Emphasizing that his country supports peace and international agreements, Dacic said, “If they (NATO peacekeeping force in Kosovo) do not protect the infidels of the Serbs, they should not force the Serbian police and soldiers to carry out this duty.” He said.

Dacic stated that the foreign ministers of some countries asked Serbia for clarification regarding the sanctions imposed on Russia, and no one talked about “solving the problems in Kosovo”.

The Serbian minister said, “106 out of 193 countries in the world do not recognize Kosovo. Kosovo can get a maximum of 84 votes in the UN General Assembly.” He rated it.

Dacic also stated that the problems between Kosovo and Serbia can only be solved “through reconciliation”.

Expressing the rise of relations between his country and Hungary to the “highest level” in the past ten years, Dacic said:

“Relations between Serbia and Hungary are based on mutual trust, cooperation, common interests and respect, as well as respect for the rights of national minorities, whether Hungarians in Serbia or Serbs in Hungary.”

Dacic also mentioned that his country is ready to cooperate with Hungary in the field of energy and food and to provide mutual assistance.


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