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Balkans |  Important statements from the Kosovar footballer Beteki of Konyaspor

Kosovar footballer Zimmer Baetqi of Konyaspor’s team said that they want to appear in European cups again.

The green-white made a statement to the AA reporter during the camp they held in Antalya during the World Cup break.

The left wing player confirmed that they are currently in a good position in the league, and said: “We want to finish the league in a good position at the end of the season and participate in European tournaments. We want to do this as one team. Albanian and Turkish are the same word, stubborn. Our team stubbornly wanted to progress in this corridor, “But we were unfairly eliminated in the Vaduz game due to some circumstances. We are still a stubborn team and we want to finish the season well and participate in European competitions again.” Use phrases.

Recalling his ineffectiveness in goal-knocking compared to the same week last season, the 26-year-old said:

“It’s hard to realize because you know other teams are also doing the necessary analysis against us and they’ve sorted out some elements of our squad. We’re really working on that now. By working well in camp, we’re working on that problem.”

Expressing his belief that his team, currently ranked fourth in the league, can do better, Bytyqi said, “If I have to tell you honestly, I’m not someone who evaluates the past too much, after all, the past is in the past. What matters is how we perform in Upcoming matches. Our situation in the league is going well so far, of course, we could have done better. We have points missing. We do that by working here in the camp. We’re going through the camp process well.” Make an evaluation.

“IlHan’s teacher has increased our performance.”

Zymer Bytyqi confirmed that their coach Ilhan Balut has been very successful.

Recalling that Konyaspor was on the decline before Ilhan Balut, Bayteqi said, “Once he arrived, he got everything right. Their work reflected very positively on our performance. One of the biggest factors is our respect for our teacher and his team. Likewise, they show us respect in our work.” And inside the club. And this reflects positively on our performance as Konyaspor.” He said.

Expressing that his move to Salzburg, one of the most important football clubs in Europe, was a difficult period for him when he was 16 years old, Zimmer Beetqi said: “I joined Salzburg at the age of 16. They took care of me when I was 15. It was There is a lot of pressure on me at that time because teams from different European countries were interested in me.It was not an easy decision for me.It was the first time that I played football abroad separately from my family.It was a really hard decision for me in that time “. express an opinion.

Explaining that his family had to leave because of the war in Kosovo, Bytyqi said he was born in Belgium and then went to Norway.

Contributing to Konyaspor’s transfer, the 26-year-old left winger said, “I got information about Turkey and Konyaspor from my Norwegian friends who mostly played in Turkey at that time. Although I knew Vedat Murik, Except we were not friends at that time. Before coming here, all my friends said good things about Turkey and Konyaspor. The fact that there were Balkan players in Konyaspor was an important factor for me to come here.” Use phrases.

“I want to play in the Bundesliga”

Zymer Bytyqi said that his dream is to play football in the Bundesliga.

Explaining that his goal is to play in the leagues at the highest level in his career, the experienced player said: “I want to play in the leagues that are at the highest level in my career. Of course time will tell. With my performance with the team, I want to play in the Bundesliga one day in my career.” He said.

Noting that he loves the Konyaspor stadium and its fans, Beteki added that Edin Veska is his favorite winger in the Super League.

The Kosovar representative emphasized that you love the city of Konya and that the city contributes to it from an Islamic point of view, and concluded his words as follows:

After coming here, I learned a lot about Islam in Konya. I used to fulfill the requirements of the Islamic religion before, but this place made a greater contribution.”

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