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Balkans |  In France, a Muslim restaurateur delights orphans with hamburgers

Ibrahim Bourika, a Moroccan restaurateur who lives in Yvelines, a suburb of Paris, the capital of France, put a smile on the faces of orphaned children with the hamburger he prepared in his restaurant.

last year in the country COVID-19 Boureka, who gained appreciation for providing free meals to students who were in a difficult situation during his tenure in his restaurant, and whose exemplary behavior made a lot of news about him in the media, has been working in his business since 2018. for those in need lend a hand.

Boureka, this time in the country where Christmas is celebrated, has 150 parents who have been victims of crime. for the orphanServe hamburgers with a lot of ingredients.

Borika, who lives in the Yvelines town of Mamans-la-Jolie, told Anadolu Agency that she took action after being contacted by the Mamans du Ciel association, which is made up of women.

“[The members of the association]told me that they wanted to organize a Christmas dinner party and that they wanted to give the kids a chicken dinner with olives. They said, ‘Listen, whether you ask these kids chicken or hamburger, the answer is obvious. ‘ I said.” Boureka, using his own statements, said he prepared hamburgers for them based on the children’s answers.

“People’s happiness is priceless”

Bourika continued as follows:

“What makes me happy is that many people are mobilized to contribute when I try to help. Even if it is not important to us, gestures like this mean a lot to children. It will be a beautiful moment for them that they will never forget for the rest of their lives. Making people happy is priceless.” “As individual Muslims, we need to set an example in this regard. I did this for God’s sake, not to appear in the media or to earn money. Orphans have a special place in our religion, in the Qur’an, and next to our Prophet. Seeing an orphan smile makes us smile too.”

The French who were there on the evening of the meal were very excited, Bourika said, and Bourika said they were also happy when they saw the hamburger. It was evident that the children were also happy in their eyes, said the benevolent restaurateur. He said.

He will meet with the orphaned children in January.

Pointing out that he grew up in the suburbs and that Muslims and the people of these areas are not of bad morals as described by the media, Bourika emphasized that there is exemplary solidarity between the people of the suburbs and that despite the good. Aspects that are not mentioned, this is more dominant.

“Even if we don’t speak French very well, we have hearts and we have valuable ideas,” Boureka said. He said.

On the other hand, Bourika stated that the good taste of a hamburger will be revealed by combining quality and clean ingredients with the right measure.

Bourika stated that the same association requested a similar organization for orphans on January 10, 2023, and he responded positively to that.

AA’s photos have attracted attention in the international media.

Bourika, of Moroccan origin, announced that he would distribute free food to all students in his restaurant in France, where images of students queuing in front of aid organizations due to the financial difficulties they experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic were discussed.

At that time, when the “Secession Law” was talked about against Muslims and targeting Muslims in the media, Boureka was appreciated for this behavior and was the subject of many news. After the news, many French people criticized the government for its attitude towards Muslims.

Photos of the AOCF February news about Ihssane Bourika were used in many international media, including the Arab, Chinese and African press.

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