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Balkans |  Isolation warning to Skopje

The foreign ministers of Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia have warned that North Macedonia could face isolation unless constitutional changes are made.

At their meeting in Skopje, the EU foreign ministers conveyed the message of EU High Representative for Foreign Relations and Security Policy Josep Borrell on the constitutional amendment concerning the Bulgarian minority, and argued that postponing the constitutional amendment would mean delaying EU membership. practical.

Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky said in Skopje on Thursday that the EU enlargement process is finally gaining momentum and that North Macedonia should take advantage of it and take a step forward.

Lipavsky visited Skopje with fellow Austrians and Slovaks as part of Slavkov’s alleged plan. The three leaders came to the country on Borrell’s instructions.

Based on Bulgaria’s demands, North Macedonia is expected to amend its constitution to mention the presence of a Bulgarian minority in the country.

However, the opposition parties have strong resistance, which means that the majority required for constitutional change is not currently possible.

source: Balkan News

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