Balkans | Issue 267 of “Turkiti” magazine, published in Kosovo, has been published.

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Balkans |  Issue 267 of “Turkiti” magazine, published in Kosovo, has been published.

The Turkish magazine plays an important role in keeping the Turkish language alive in Kosovo and passing it on to future generations, and it has reached its 267th issue.

We share with you the article of Zenil Beksas, Editor-in-Chief of Turkish, on Issue 267:

Dear readers…

As evidenced by the cover of the magazine
Türkiye will not forget this date: February 6, 2023 at 04:17 …
Two earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş shook all of Turkey… Thousands of teams from Turkey and the world took part in the rescue effort. Millions have become one heart.
Thousands of lives were left under the rubble within seconds after the magnitude 7.7 earthquake. 85 million felt the pain of the “calamity of the century” in his heart. That morning was one of the most painful when Türkiye woke up. Nothing is the same anymore…
Türkiye is trying to heal the wounds of two major earthquake disasters. The first is a magnitude of 7.7, and the second is a magnitude 7.6 earthquake. It caused great destruction in Kahramanmaraş, Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Diyarbakır, Adana, Adiyaman, Osmaniye, Hatay, Kilis and Malatya. According to the latest information, the death toll from the earthquakes has risen to 48,448.

dear readers,
On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Kosovo’s independence, the famous poet and writer Arif Bozaji was awarded the “Kosovo State Medal for Literature” by the Presidency of Kosovo for fifty years of creativity in the field of literature, his book Among Literature. Promotion activities and services. You can read the news on our third page.
On the same page you can find 3 poems about the earthquake in Türkiye. The following is a collection of Arif Bozaji’s poems.
This time, Laila Sharif Amin salutes you, readers, with her article entitled “Youth and the Cocoon Model”.
This is followed by two articles by Mehmet Yardimsi, one of the regular writers of our magazine. One is about the earthquake, and the other is called Barış Manço Truth. We hope you will read both articles with interest.
This time Erkan Kasab wrote about Alush Nosh, the valued artist in our music world, you can find this article in this issue of our magazine.
We had a surprise recently, as Prizren high school student Sela Sibo welcomed the reader with her first novel Solitude in Thoughts. The book was presented in Prizren. We have covered this event extensively in this issue.
Writer Necla Dursun tells about literature in the Balkans, travel in the Rhodoi Mountains, the 25th anniversary of the founding of Kibatec. On the back cover, you can find two poems by Iskender and Esen Muzbeg, which are about the earthquake in Turkey.
Until we meet again in a new issue, bye, stay safe.

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