Balkans | Issue 268 of “Turkiti” magazine published in Kosovo has been published.

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Balkans |  Issue 268 of “Turkiti” magazine published in Kosovo has been published.

Turkum magazine plays an important role in keeping the Turkish language alive in Kosovo and passing it on to future generations, and it has reached its 268th issue.

We share with you the article by Zeynel Beksaç, Editor-in-Chief of My Turkish, about Issue 268:

Hello dear readers.

We are glad to be together on a new release.
The “TÜRKSOY Writers’ Association” was established by the International Organization of Turkish Culture (TÜRKSOY), which will bring a new breath to the literature of the Turkish world within the organization in order to provide a basis for authors living in Turkish geography to get to know each other, identify common problems and conduct studies to solve them, and promote the authors of and the works of the Turkish world. You can read the news on our third page.
Hava Tekin, Necati Zakaria and Enver Baki are the guests of this issue of the magazine with their stories.
Bestami Yazjan greets the readers with a collection of poems.

For the first time, Ahmet Tolgay greets Turkish readers with an article titled “Commemorating Hareed Fedayi, That Light Man” about Hareed Fedayi, the son-in-law of Cyprus, the source school of culture.
The ladies of Ursel with “The Flowers of Death” and Iskandar Mazbek with his article “A few words about the grace of Allah Hafiz” meet the readers.
Recently, a promotional event was held at the Yunus Emre Institute in Prizren for the newly released book by Leyla Sharif Amin and Mumin Ali. You can read about the topic in this issue of our magazine.

March 18 Çanakkale Theatrical performance of Victory and Martyrs’ Day, organized by the Art Theater with the contribution of the head of the Turkish representative delegation to Kosovo, attracted great interest in Prizren. The audience attended the performance at the University of Prizren Amphitheater “Okchin Hoti”. While the hall was overcrowded, Art Theater Director Sonai Bash stated that they have been performing all their performances in the University Amphitheater for the past six months, as there is no other theater in Prizren, and they are trying to convert this hall into a theater stage when they can. You can see the full version of the news in this issue of the magazine.
Last year, we promoted a 630-page book titled “Turks and Islam in Pre-Ottoman Europe” by Prof. Dr. Yusuf Hamzaoglu, faculty member of (i) Universities of Skopje and Pristina, in a Turkish magazine last year. Our author made another unique contribution to the world of Turkish and international science with a giant two-volume work.
Aziz Ozgur, one of the regular authors of our magazine, visited Prof. Dr. Yusuf Hamzaoglu at his home in Ankara and talked about two large hardcover books titled “Turkish-Islamic Genocide in the Balkans”. You can read more about the book, which covers a very broad history from 1184 BC to 1999, as well as details of the history of the Turks who lived in the Balkan Peninsula from the depths of history to the present, in this issue of My Turkish.
In addition, Mehmet Yardimchi appeared in an article titled “March 22 International Children’s Poetry Day”, which marks the 80th and 60th art years of “Anwar Baki”. doctor. You can also find news of KIBATEK award given to Nematollah Hafez.
Stay well, bye, stay friendly until we meet again in a new issue…”

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