Balkans | Issue 269 of “Turkiti” magazine published in Kosovo has been published.

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Balkans |  Issue 269 of “Turkiti” magazine published in Kosovo has been published.

The Turkish magazine plays an important role in keeping the Turkish language alive in Kosovo and passing it on to future generations, and it has reached its 269th issue.

We share with you the article by Zeynel Beksaç, Editor-in-Chief of Turkish, on Issue 269:

We are pleased to contact you with the 269th issue of the Turkish magazine. For this issue of our magazine, we have had an exclusive interview with Ismail Bozkurt, the famous writer, poet and thinker of the TRNC. We hope you will have the opportunity to get to know this valuable author closely. You can also read a story called Patience from Bozkurt. Teran Turan Rahimili is a valued poet of Azerbaijan who has appeared in recent years. In this issue he says hello to you with his latest poems.

Hava Tekin, one of our magazine’s respected writers, is featured in this issue with her article “A Strong Woman Is a Warrior.” Later, Atalay guest-starred with his essay, “Poems That Leave an Imprint on My Soul.”
This time, Leila Sharif Amin greets you with an article entitled “Mehmet Akif Ersoy, who made the homeland and the nation speak in the national anthem.”

H.Yıldırım Aganoğlu Poçitel wrote. If you want to get to know this region of Bosnia and Herzegovina better, we recommend that you read this article from the master pen. Mustafa Esen is the guest speaker for this issue with his article “Old and New Turkish Centers in the Balkans”. Be sure to read the article of this respected pilgrim who knows and watches the Balkans and us closely.

The Writers Union of Türkiye held its first meeting in Navai, Uzbekistan. Detailed news on the pages of our magazine. On our page titled One of You, Hira Hallak, a primary school student from Pristina, wrote for our famous writer Enver Baki, who recently celebrated his 80th birthday with a wonderful celebration. How did the child know our author? If you want to learn, read the article… The poem on the back cover of this issue belongs to our friend, the famous poet Mustafa Rouhi Shirin. Until we meet in a new issue, stay well, stay nice…

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