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Balkans |  It turns out that the Albanians who were repatriated from England were paid

It turned out that some Albanians returning from England were paid about 1,500 pounds (about 37,000 lire) per person.

According to the BBC report, around 1,000 people have been deported since December under an agreement between the UK and Albania.

The news stated that about half of those returned voluntarily, some of whom were denied asylum, and some of whom were criminals.

According to the statement made to the BBC by the Albanian police, it was also said that a large portion of the deportees received around £1,500 per person when they were released from prisons in England and sent home after serving their minimum sentence.

A 30-year-old man who was deported to Albania said he was sentenced to 6 years in prison for drug offences, and was deported one year before he was granted probation, after serving only two years of his sentence.

“They asked us if we wanted to go to Albania. They told us that if we went, one year would be deducted from our sentence.” The Albanian prisoner said he was given £1,500 to support his return home.

The Albanian prisoner known as Mark to conceal his identity returned home under the “Early Return Programme” set up for foreign criminals in British prisons, while the Home Office has not shared information on the number of criminals returned under this programme. .

However, if an offender deported from the UK under the scheme returns to the UK at a later date illegally, he must serve his remaining sentence.

Another Albanian criminal also mentioned that the police are implementing stricter controls against Albanians in England and that he will return to England nonetheless.

Another offender, noting that he had gone back and forth to England three more times after his deportation, said, “This is not a problem for me. I can come and go whenever I want.” He said.

Proposing a legal solution for the “respectable” Albanians

Albanian Interior Minister Bledar Choci, when asked about preventing deportees from returning to this country, said, “It is not possible to chip everyone and check where they are going. Of course, the police will be vigilant if they are convicted of smuggling crimes, but those who are deported Free in Albania. gave the answer.

Emphasizing the need to open safe and legal routes for Albanians to migrate to England, Choci said, “I have a proposal for my colleague Soila Braverman. Let’s find a temporary legal solution for Albanians who have decent jobs and no criminal record in the UK.” He said.

The Albanian authorities and the United Kingdom are forming a joint task force on migration

In a statement by the Albanian Ministry of Interior to an AA reporter, it was confirmed that the process of repatriating irregular Albanian migrants from the UK will continue throughout 2023.

In the statement, it noted that nearly 1,000 Albanian citizens had been repatriated from December 13, 2022 to April 2023, including “citizens with unfounded asylum claims, lawbreakers, and citizens who returned voluntarily.”

According to the statement issued by the Albanian General Directorate of Police, the Albanian and British authorities have established a joint task force on migration.

The statement indicated that this task force provides a key service in coordinating specific operational measures and procedures to manage illegal immigration of Albanian nationals to the UK.

Albania and the United Kingdom signed a joint statement in December 2022 with the aim of “deepening bilateral cooperation in areas of mutual interest”, including the issue of illegal immigration.

Under the agreement, Albania and the UK will increase the number of people returning to Albania, including those over the age of 18 who have been identified by the UK authorities as victims of human trafficking.

In addition, within this framework, it is stated that the United Kingdom will support the Albanian government and authorized institutions in the protection and reintegration of returnees.


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