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Balkans |  It was the people in Greece who started the earthquake aid to Turkey

President of the Greek Union of Municipalities (KEDE) Dimitris Papastergiou said that after the disaster of the earthquake that occurred in Turkey on February 6, their solidarity with Turkey started at the initiative of the Greek people.

Papastergiu made an evaluation for an AA reporter regarding the campaign organized in Greece after the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş.

Emphasizing that the Greek people showed great interest in the earthquake victims’ campaign after the earthquake disaster in Turkey, Papastigiou said, “It was the people, not the mayors, who initiated this demand. The people mobilized the mayors for this help. The citizens themselves demanded that we start a mechanism from different cities to send Something that day. We just conveyed that love, the need of the Greek people to help the Turkish people.” He said.

Expressing the difficulty of identifying the real needs in the first hours of the disaster, Papastigiou said, “After the initial shock, we got clearer information on what was requested in cooperation with the Turkish Embassy in Athens and the Consulate General in Greece.” He said.

Papastergio indicated that the Greek people collect relief materials such as blankets, sleeping bags, tents and food, explaining that all these materials were sent to Turkey after being classified in Greece, so that the teams would not be forced into Turkey.

Greek children also sent their toys to the earthquake victims

“I’ve probably seen things sent by Greek families and Greek children thinking it would be better if I went to Turkey,” Papastigiou said, noting that he came across toys among the aid supplies. I think it shows the gist of it. It shows how children want to have happy children who have lost their home, and possibly their parents, in Turkey. That’s what really matters.” he said.

The head of the Union of Greek Municipalities said that the aid sent to Turkey by sea is being transported to Turkey free of charge at the initiative of the Greek shipowners.

‘It was worth the municipalities’ effort’

As KEDE President Papastergiu felt when the first aid truck was loaded aboard the ship, “It was one of those moments where I said it was worth the effort. We collected materials from all over Greece. It was worth the effort of the municipalities because that love went into the containers and boxes.” And loaded and went to Turkey. Use phrases.

The convergence of bilateral relations after the earthquake

Referring to the positive atmosphere that prevailed between Turkey and Greece after the catastrophe of the earthquake, Papastergio said: “Why do we have to fight? It shouldn’t take pain and loss to realize that there is nothing that separates us.” He said.

Papastergo continued his words as follows:

I am sure that my Turkish colleagues are facing many problems at the moment. But despite all these problems, they found time to write us a warm letter and warm words about this initiative of the Greek people and Greek municipalities.”

Noting the importance of the two countries focusing on issues such as health, education and anti-earthquake, Papastergiou said: “We are all human beings. God wanted us to live here. We have to see that and realize that different things are important.” Use phrases.

Papastergiou stated that the earthquake disaster in Turkey prompted Greece to review its anti-seismic plans and he decided to check the earthquake resistance of buildings such as schools and hospitals. We would be happy to look at “what we did was successful” or “what Turkey did the next day was successful to save time, unite efforts and move forward together. That’s what makes sense. Investing in what matters most.” He rated it.

TBB Chairman thanked Shaheen

Şahin thanked Papastiğrıu in a letter for his assistance to the earthquake victims in Türkiye.

Emphasizing in the message she posted on the KEDE website, Fatma Şahin said that the Greek search and rescue teams were among the first to provide assistance to rescue those who were under the rubble in the earthquake disaster that occurred in Turkey on February 6.

Expressing their satisfaction with the messages of solidarity they received from their colleagues in Greece, Shaheen said, “We were pleased to hear that KEDE organized a solidarity campaign among its members with the support of the Greek people.” He made his remarks.

Confirming that all the aid sent from Greece had reached the port of Iskenderun, Shaheen conveyed his condolences over the train accident that occurred in Greece on the night of February 28, which claimed the lives of 57 people.

In its announcement, KEDE noted that more than 1,500 tons of aid collected by the Greek people from all municipalities across the country have been delivered to the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.

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