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Balkans |  Jewish settlers destroyed a Christian cemetery in Jerusalem

In occupied East Jerusalem, a group of settlers attacked a Christian cemetery and damaged graves.

On Sunday, January 1, the New Year holiday, Jewish settlers infiltrated the Protestant cemetery on Mount Sion in East Jerusalem and destroyed more than thirty graves.

According to the images that appeared on the security cameras, two Jewish settlers broke the marble symbols of the cross in the historical cemeteries, damaged the icons and threw pieces of rubble around them.

In a written statement from the administration of the Diocese of Jerusalem in charge of the cemetery, it was reported that “at least two young vandals, wearing kippas and tallits, deliberately and brutally destroyed more than thirty tombstones, most of them historical.”

Among the destroyed tombstones, it was noted that the tombstone featuring the bust of Protestant bishop Samuel Gobat, founder of University College in Jerusalem adjacent to the cemetery, and the graves of 3 Palestinian police officers from the British Mandate period.

The statement stressed that many stone crosses “suffered from the attack of vandals,” explaining that “this clearly shows that this criminal act is rooted in religious fanaticism and hatred against Christians.” Data included.

The statement, which described the attack as a “terrorist crime”: “The Diocese of Jerusalem condemns these immoral acts of desecration and urges the concerned authorities to pursue, arrest and prosecute the perpetrators of these terrorist crimes to the fullest extent permitted by law.” , including laws relating to hate crimes.” The call was placed.

“We are seeing an increase in discrimination and exclusion.”

The Anglican Archbishop of Jerusalem, Hossam Naoum, said in a statement to reporters at the cemetery that they “will take the necessary steps to prevent the recurrence of such vandalic incidents,” and added: “Jerusalem is the land of peace, the land of holy places. We will remain the light of hope, peace and reassurance among all people.” He said.

Bishop Naoum stated that they face “increasing discrimination and exclusion” and continued as follows:

“The rise of hate speech and hate crimes, such as spitting, vandalism and attacks on churches and cemeteries, catches our attention. These give the impression that we are not in a place where people treat each other with tolerance and accept each other as they are. We are witnessing increasing discrimination and exclusion. It really bothers us when we live in the city of Jerusalem.”

“We will not fix gravestones until justice is served”

The Archbishop noted that such attacks on the cemetery by Jewish settlers had happened many times before.

The Christian clergyman stated that more than 40 tombstones were broken in the cemetery attack in 2014 and showed members of the press the signs of repair on the previously broken tombstones.

The Archbishop said, “But this time we are not going to fix it. They will stay that way until justice is done and those responsible are held accountable.” Use phrases.

On the other hand, it was noted in the statement issued by the occupation police that upon receiving a report of tampering with several tombstones in the Protestant cemetery on Mount Zion, the teams conducted an investigation at the scene and opened an investigation into the matter. the incident.

The cemetery, located on Sion Hill, next to the Old City, where the Al-Aqsa Mosque is located in occupied East Jerusalem, was dedicated to Protestant Christians in 1848 during the Ottoman period.

Sanctuaries and Christian clergy in the Old City of Jerusalem are frequently attacked and harassed by fanatical Jewish settlers. In addition to acts of violence against Muslims, Jewish settlers come to the fore with their actions such as “spitting” on devout Christians and damaging cemeteries.

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