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Balkans |  Journalists attacked in northern Kosovo

A masked group attacked the Klan’s Kosovo media team with stones in northern Kosovo. Journalist Kendressa Pelagushi and driver Al-Sad Sanani were wounded in the attack, which was carried out by unknown assailants in the Serb-controlled area.

The attack took place in Zubis district of Zubin Potok municipality. The team of four in the media vehicle was attacked with stones near the Serbian checkpoint.

While the injured were being treated at the Mitrovica Regional Hospital, the Kosovo Police were informed of the incident. The car’s windows were shattered in the attack.

Condemnation of the attack by the European Union and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe

The European Union Kosovo Office has condemned the attack on a Kosovo TV crew in the north of the country today.

In a written statement from the EU Office in Kosovo, “As the European Union, we strongly condemn the attack on the KlanKosova TV team in Zubin Potok today and wish them a speedy recovery. This and previous events affecting the work of the media are unacceptable. The media has the right to report.” The safety of journalists is not in question and should not be put at risk.”

The OSCE Mission in Kosovo also condemned the assault on journalists while serving in the north.

Source: Kosovaport

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