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Balkans |  “July 15 is a turning point in the history of Turkish democracy”

Our questions about what happened that night, the inner face of the FETÖ, the fight against the FETÖ, and Turkey’s relations with Kosovo in the process were answered by Sabri Tuncenceli, Turkey’s ambassador to Kosovo in the process, in an interview with Kosovaport on the anniversary of the treacherous coup. Bid on July 15th.

– Can you remind us again of what happened on the way to the victory of democracy on July 15, the seventh anniversary we recorded?

On the night of July 15, 2016, the FETÖ terrorist organization’s extensions within the state institutions, especially the security forces, targeted the weapons that were handed over to them to protect the Turkish nation. They bombed the Turkish Grand National Assembly, which was exceptionally convened to protect democracy in Ankara. They tried to take over security institutions such as the police department and the General Staff. But they were unable to achieve their goals thanks to the nation taking to the streets and the heroic resistance of the pro-state security forces. In this respect, July 15 is a turning point in the history of Turkish democracy. The Turkish people have shown everyone that sovereignty belongs to the nation unconditionally. The goal of FETO and other terrorist organizations is to weaken Türkiye. For this, they used various methods, from trying to exploit religious and patriotic sentiments to staff recruitment through educational institutions. But after July 15, Turkey waged a successful fight against these illegal structures within the framework of the law. Therefore, on the seventh anniversary of July 15th, I can say that Turkey is much stronger.

– Can you give some information about the FETÖ dark structure abroad?

Since terrorism is an international threat, it certainly requires effective international cooperation. The foreign structure of FETO is an important example in this regard. Through educational institutions and religious institutions, FETO exploits the sentiments of people abroad and creates funding for terrorist activities. To this end, it engages in transnational organized crime activities, including money laundering. For this reason, we say to all friendly and allied countries that the FETÖ is a threat not only to Turkey but also to the institutions in their countries. For example, legal actions have been initiated in Ohio, USA due to the illegal financial activities of FETO schools. As we can see from this example, educational institutions, companies and religious organizations associated with FETO mainly carry out illegal activities, especially terrorist financing, under this mask.

– How does Turkey struggle with FETO structures abroad in this context in Kosovo? Can you give an example of the results obtained?

Unfortunately, FETO’s activities and presence in Kosovo continue. Our cooperation with Kosovo in the fight against the FETÖ, especially after July 15, has progressed. We launched Maarif Schools in Pristina and Prizren to prevent the FETÖ efforts of foreign terrorists to finance terrorist activities and recruit under the guise of an educational institution. We continue to work in collaboration with Kosovo institutions to improve the quality of education and the physical facilities of these schools. However, we cannot say that our cooperation in the fight against FETÖ has reached a sufficient level. To further reinforce this, we have proposed to the Government of Kosovo a draft agreement that will form the legal basis for cooperation in combating terrorism and organized crime. At the same time, we want to establish a regular consultation mechanism with the participation of all relevant institutions on both sides. Given that the FETÖ poses a serious threat to democratic institutions in Kosovo, we can see that it would be in the interests of both sides to deepen our cooperation in the fight against the FETÖ.


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