Balkans | July 15, the commemoration ceremony for the Day of Democracy and National Unity in Albania

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Balkans |  July 15, the commemoration ceremony for the Day of Democracy and National Unity in Albania

A memorial service was held in Tirana, the capital of Albania, within the framework of the “July 15th Day of Democracy and National Unity”.

Turkey’s Ambassador to Tirana Pilot Kajan Atay, Coordinator of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) Tirana Emin Gizim, President of the ALSAR Foundation, Chairman of the ALSAR Foundation Mehdi Kara, as well as representatives of institutions and organizations in the country attended the ceremony organized by the Future Foundation (ALSAR) ). institution).

Ambassador Atay, in his speech here, mentioned that Turkey and Albania went through very difficult times and emphasized that Turkey has always been with Albania during these difficult times.

“Our history has always been full of difficulties,” Atay said, adding that 7 years ago, they were fighting a force that really wanted to destroy Turkey’s democracy and independence.

Ambassador Atay made the following assessments:

We have destroyed this organization in Türkiye. We broke his spine. Some fled abroad. They are currently trying to maintain their structure there. We hope to finish it with the cooperation of countries. But unfortunately Albania, who was with us wholeheartedly that night, and for which we are very grateful, has unfortunately slipped a little bit at the point of termination of the FETO structures here. We also pass on the necessary caveats and trials so that you do not experience what we have experienced. We try to explain to our friends that they are a secret intelligence organization with their schools, religious structures, and hospitals in the countries they are in, and that they are so perverted that they are trying to take over the country’s government by infiltrating the public. Institutions when they get stronger.”

The head of the ALSAR Gurra Foundation also stressed that the ‘arms’ of FETO, which produce individuals who blindly follow their orders through covert methods, extend to many parts of the world, and emphasized that these toxic extensions are widespread in Albania.

Sharing the view that Albania is the country with the largest number of FETO members in the Balkans, Gura continued as follows:

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s warnings that these extensions pose a threat to both Turkey and every country in which they are located must be taken seriously by Albania’s supreme state authorities. A large number of individuals trained in the Gülenist college and university systems have also infiltrated government agencies and media groups while running business in Albania over the years.”

Former Albanian Ambassador to the United Nations, researcher Abdi Palita, President of the Tirana Association Arben Tafaj, and President of the Association of Gores Institutions Petrit Zeneli also delivered speeches at the programme.

As part of the program, a documentary about the coup attempt was shown on July 15.

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