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Balkans |  K. Social media scorecard of Macedonian politicians

The Institute of Governance and Euro-Atlantic Perspectives (IDUEP) has published an analytical report on the social media accounts of politicians in North Macedonia.

According to a report by the Institute for Governance and Euro-Atlantic Perspectives (IDUEP), 115 out of a total of 120 lawmakers were active on Facebook last year. 34 MPs actively used Instagram, 18 of them Twitter.

According to the analysis, Macedonian politicians actively use the potential of social networks in their work, but the local political elite is not even close to the level of their colleagues in Western Europe and the world in terms of online communication with citizens.

In the past year, almost every lawmaker has been active on Facebook. The analysis shows that digital participation has increased numerically in the parliamentary staff this year compared to the previous year.

MPs Pancho Minov, Dragoljub Filipowski, Mirita Kolci Kokaciku and Stoyan Milanov are completely non-social media users. The President and Vice President of the Democratic Party of Albania (PDSH) Mindoh Thaci is only active on Twitter.

The analysis shows that 10 out of 120 MPs use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram simultaneously, while only 2 MPs do not have their own profile/page or channel on any social media in 2022.

The Prime Minister and 20 ministers actively used Facebook in 2022. 11 ministers actively used Twitter, and 16 ministers actively used Instagram. Half of the cabinet, i.e. 12 ministers, actively used 3 social communication channels at the same time. The only ban who doesn’t use social media is the Minister for Local Governments, Risto Benoff.

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