Balkans | Karaday, head of the MRF party in Bulgaria, visited Kahramanmaraş

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Balkans |  Karaday, head of the MRF party in Bulgaria, visited Kahramanmaraş

Mustafa Karadi, head of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (HÖH) party operating in Bulgaria, said his party had carried out the most comprehensive campaign since its establishment for earthquake victims.

While visiting Kahramanmaraş, epicenter of earthquakes described as “the catastrophe of the century”, Karaday met with Governor Umar Faruk Coşkun at the Disaster Coordination Center.

Speaking to an AA reporter after the meeting, which was closed to the press, Karadi said the earthquakes that occurred on February 6 deeply disturbed Muslims and the people of Bulgaria.

Karaday stated that they had been in indescribable grief since February 6 and prayed for the earthquake victims.

“Türkiye is strong, and the Turkish nation is steadfast.” Karadi said they would succeed in healing the wounds of the great catastrophe.

Expressing that they are with the Turkish nation in difficult times, Karaday said:

Bulgaria has also mobilized to contribute to the efforts of the Turkish nation. In the first hours of the earthquake, search and rescue teams came to Türkiye from Bulgaria. As a political party in Bulgaria, we, the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, have implemented the most comprehensive campaign for earthquake victims since our founding. We have transferred over €500,000 in financial aid to Disaster and Emergency Management. We bought and sent tents and containers worth 850,000 euros. We shipped more than 150 truckloads of blankets, heaters, generators, food and hygiene items. Today, we wanted to personally come to the earthquake zone and offer our condolences to the earthquake victims.”

Pointing out that they wanted to provide breakfast to the earthquake victims on the occasion of the month of Ramadan and that they donated an additional amount of 70 thousand euros for this purpose, Karady expressed his condolences to those who lost their lives in the earthquake and their relatives.

Expressing that the international community should continue to support Turkey, Karadi said, “We have always seen our motherland Turkey with us. In such difficult days, we are with and with Turkey.” He said.


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