Balkans | Karadi, Chairman of the MRF Party in Bulgaria, and Minister Soylu met earthquake victims in Kahramanmaraş for breakfast.

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Balkans |  Karadi, Chairman of the MRF Party in Bulgaria, and Minister Soylu met earthquake victims in Kahramanmaraş for breakfast.

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, at the Express Breakfast Program in Kahramanmaraş, “God willing, we will go from tent to container, and from container to house together within one year.” He said.

Minister Soylu visited the education campus set up by the Disaster and Emergency Department in Muhsin Yazicioglu Park in the city center with Mustafa Karady, head of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (HÖH) party, whose members are mostly Turks and Muslims.

Examining the education classrooms, libraries, course centers and social areas of the campus, Soylu met the earthquake survivors at the breakfast party on the campus of Sotso Imam University in Afshar.

Referring to the passage of 63 days since the earthquake and passing a great disaster and test, Soylu wished mercy for those who lost their lives and healing for the injured.

Referring to the fact that they attended the dinner with HÖH party chairman, Karadi, Soylu said, “Since the first day of the earthquake, we have to help our brothers from Bulgaria by saying ‘today is the day’ to all the district buildings, district buildings and representative offices of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms in Bulgaria. We would like to thank All our brothers out there who raised the flag and helped you and stood by you in the warmth of those early days, in the presence of our President Caraday, God bless you.’ He said.

Recalling that the HÖH party had convened in parliament with 36 deputies in the recent elections, Soylu continued as follows:

“They have been waging a great struggle for years to be the voice of our elected brothers there. In the same way they will continue this struggle. Currently, 700 thousand tents have been erected in these 11 districts of our provinces. This morning, I went from Kahramanmaraş to Adiyaman and we coordinated there, and then we went to Malatya and we coordinated there. The number of containers we have installed so far has exceeded 58 thousand. Our honorable President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has instructions for us. We will not leave our compatriots, compatriots and earthquake victims alone. We will not leave here without putting their heads in their warm nests. In the meantime, housing has begun Permanent residence. Once again, Mr. President stated that we will complete permanent residence within a year. We have made this commitment to all earthquake victims.”

Pointing out that they are following every work that is done in the provinces in the earthquake zone, Minister Soylu stressed that citizens are trying to raise their standards in peace.

Referring to the works carried out after the tents were erected, Soylu said, “Although we passed from one house to another, God help us, we will go from tent to container and from container to house together within one year. We hope that the houses we pass Safe homes, and our cities will be resilient cities. Together, we will leave safe, resilient cities, homes, neighborhoods, and streets for our future generations.” Use the phrase.

“we meet in brotherhood”

Soylu stated that they know the missing cannot be returned:

“The cries of that first morning are still in your ears. We know that you have lost your relatives, relatives, neighbors, brothers and sisters. But what we need to do is to raise Kahramanmaraş and other cities in unity and brotherhood. Our homes, schools and workplaces will be safe. We will touch on each of them, from the production To trade to industry. I say this here as a brother to you, and I say this one year later because we believe the job now awaits us. A year later, of course, pain and sorrow will be within us, but the chirping of our children will be heard again in our cities, and we will pause again to pray with the voices of our muezzins that We know it. We will be excited together again while our children sing the national anthem in schools. They will play ball in the streets and we will feel the same feelings when we see our shopkeepers. We will have a conversation with our neighbors again. We hope to make Kahramanmaraş more beautiful and safer than before” .

3 million food parcels were distributed.

Soylu indicated that there was a great deal of support and aid after the earthquake, as so far 3 million boxes of food have been distributed under the coordination of the Disaster and Emergency Management, the Red Crescent and the Ministry of Family and Social Services. Except what other relief teams do, we provide breakfast to two million earthquake victims every night, and we will continue to do so. Keep this word in your ear, we will never leave you alone, we are with you to the end. May God not distance you from us.” He said.

Pointing out that a beautiful campus has been established in Muhsin Yazicioglu Park in the city center of Kahramanmaraş and that young people and children can prepare for their exams here, Soylu continued his speech as follows:

“We will pick them up from here and take them by bus, and we hope to prepare them for the exams in the best possible way, in the atmosphere of nature, far from the earthquake. We think of everything down to the last detail. Will it be missing, will it be missing? It is God Almighty. We are Muslims.” We believe and surrender to God Almighty. We have faced a great disaster. I would like to confirm that the more we unite with each other, the greater the reward of God Almighty for us. We opened our hands and prayed for the blessed month of Ramadan. Oh God, work for our nation, God have mercy on our hardships, God work for our children who pass through this region seismicity and strengthens their memory. That is why we are here around the table for the sake of these beautiful blessed days.”

Stating that the Turkish nation is great and noble, Soylu said: “We are the children of a nation that knows each other, big and small, its religion, creed, creed, traditions, nationality, poor and poor. Wherever it is, and wherever it is in the world, it is the noblest character of our nation to extend our hand No matter what situation we are in, we are of course with our people, but if there is a shortage in the world, we try to reach them, if there is injustice, we oppose them. If there is a begging for mercy, this holy nation considers it its duty to reach where beg for that mercy.” He rated it.

Soylu emphasized that they are brothers and sisters of Bulgaria:

“As long as you are there, as long as you are there, we believe that part of our hearts are there. Do they not bow and prostrate themselves on the carpet as they pray to God, they pray for this Anatolian homeland and their brothers as in the Holy Kaaba, right? . May God always preserve our brotherhood, our unity and our solidarity forever. If it is There are those who persecute Muslims and our brothers all over the world, so may God not give them an opportunity to persecute them. May God grant success to the future of our brothers.

Mustafa Karadi, head of the HÖH party, expressed his condolences to the earthquake victims, wished them well soon, and said he conveyed greetings from the Bulgarian Turks.

Karaday emphasized that a great catastrophe had occurred and that the Turks and Muslims in Bulgaria had been mobilized to help since the first moments of the earthquake, and he said: “We have been in unspeakable grief since February 6. We pray for the earthquake victims and for Turkey. Turkey is strong, and the Turkish nation is steadfast. We are The Turks are resilient. Surely, we will succeed in healing the wounds of this great disaster together.” He said.

Stating that they are running the most comprehensive campaign as a political party in order to contribute to the efforts of the Turkish nation, Karady said: “We have transferred more than 500 thousand euros in cash aid to the Disaster and Emergency Management. We bought and sent tents and containers worth 850,000 euros. We shipped over 150 truckloads of blankets, heaters, generators and food supplies. Today, we would like to come to the earthquake area in person and offer our condolences to the earthquake victims,” he said.

Karaday explained that they want to break the fast in the provinces of the region on the occasion of the month of Ramadan, and that they donated 75 thousand euros for this purpose.

source: AA

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