Balkans | Karadi, head of the MRF party in Bulgaria, calls for the support of citizens living in Turkey

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Balkans |  Karadi, head of the MRF party in Bulgaria, calls for the support of citizens living in Turkey

Mustafa Karadi, head of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms in Bulgaria party, whose members are mostly Turks and Muslims, said they aim to become the ruling partner after the early general elections that will be held on April 2.

Speaking to AA reporter, Karaday said that while they continue to meet voters in Bulgaria within the framework of the election campaign, they will organize iftar programs in Istanbul and Bursa within the scope of the campaign that coincides with the month of Ramadan.

Karaday said that they organized a total of 5 fast iftars in Izmir, Bursa, Kocaeli, Istanbul and Çorlu in the Thrace region for the first time last year after the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, “We also have party representatives in these regions. This year, we are campaigning in Ramadan. What We are still planning to organize Iftar in Turkey. We will not be able to have Iftar in all five regions due to the campaign, but we still plan to have Iftar in Bursa and Istanbul. He said.

Karadi continued his words by saying that he will meet with Bulgarian citizens living in Turkey in the second half of the month-long campaign in Bulgaria and abroad:

“We will have breakfast in Istanbul on March 24 and in Bursa on March 25. In our daytime programs, we will hold coordination meetings with associations about the elections in Edirne at noon. On March 25, at noon, we will officially open the Dr. Ahmet Doğan Balkan Cultural Center in Yalova. Then we will go to Breakfast in Bursa.

Call to support citizens living in Turkey

Karaday stressed the importance of the early general elections that will be held in Bulgaria, and stressed that they need the support of their compatriots who live in Turkey and that they aim to be partners in power.

Karaday said, “We also need to support our citizens who live in Turkey. Because if we become partners in power, the regions we live in will be much better living places. Our citizens will also be able to do their business in Turkey in Bulgaria. In the living space option, Both Turkey and Bulgaria will be alternatives.We invite the Bulgarian citizens, our compatriots and our brothers wherever they are in the four corners of the world, foremost among them are our relatives and brothers who live in Turkey; let them participate intensively in these elections, and support us, and our ballot number is 13, so let us come out successfully in these elections, Let HÖH be a partner in the government.” He said.

Post-earthquake aid campaign

Reminding that his party started an aid campaign immediately after the earthquakes that hit Kahramanmaraş that occurred on February 6 and affected 11 provinces, Karaday said: “After the earthquake disaster that we participated in in Turkey last month, our party organizations launched a comprehensive aid campaign in the first hours. We have achieved success well on our own. Although we are a minority in tiny Bulgaria and we are the third largest political party, we have been able to do well.” He said.

Karadi noted that they were able to send more than 150 truckloads of food, clothing and emergency supplies to the earthquake zones in Turkey:

“We were able to send more than 150 containers, more than 1,000 tents, 7,500 wagon beds and many other items to accommodate people. We can do our best. For us, this fundraiser was a great success. It has doubled our feelings to launch such a campaign after A terrible disaster.”


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