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Balkans |  Kardelen magazine celebrated its 100th edition

The 100th issue of the Turkish children’s magazine Kardilin, which continues to be published within the body of the Nessel Education and Research Association operating in Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia, was celebrated.


With the support of the Ministry of Culture of North Macedonia, Turkish Airlines, Ramstor, Boshi Hotel and Be-Land, the program was organized at the Albanian Theater in Skopje, the Deputy Minister of Culture of North Macedonia, Daim Lucci, and the President of the Nessel W. Editor-in-Chief of Kardelen Magazine Muhsin Kurtish, Editor-in-Chief of Kardelen Magazine Yiliz. Daut Kurtesh, Representative of TRT Macedonia Umar Rahmi Syrim, President of the Kubro Husrev Amin Association, President of the Balkan Studies Foundation Sevpa Abdullah, Editor-in-Chief of Kupro Magazine Leila Sharif Amin and guests attended.

In his speech, Muhsin Kurtış, President of the Nasel Association, said: “Every issue ushered in spring like snowdrops. In the future, Kardelen Magazine will continue to open new generations. We had many valuable friends who contributed intellectually or to the editorial board. Last year, by a joint decision From the management of the Köprü Association, Kardelen Child Magazine made the decision to join the newly established Generations Education and Research Association. From here, I would like to thank the Köprü Association.” He said.

Kardelen magazine editor Yilis Dawut Kurtish said, “100 points means joy, stress and excitement. After hours of meetings, we drew ourselves a road map and we have come to these days. We were at the beginning, then we started to shape our schools, thank God we are living this beautiful moment here today.” made remarks.

Zeynep Betul Akıldız’s play “Stories with Songs” was shown in the program.

At the end of the celebration programme, shields were presented to the institutions and individuals who supported Kardelen magazine.

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