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Balkans |  Kardzhali and Strumica have become sister cities

Today, Mayor of Karjali D. M. Hasan Aziz and Mayor of Strumica Kostdin Kostdinov in North Macedonia discussed new opportunities for future cooperation and development of bilateral relations between the two municipalities at the meeting held on the occasion of the establishment of sister city relations between the two municipalities. It was supported by Ilhan Kucuk, the leader of the European liberals.

Kustdinov said, “Mr. Ilhan Kucuk’s attempt to make the two municipalities sister cities is a very important message for the citizens of the two countries. Kardzhali and Strumica share the same values ​​and I think the two municipalities have a good basis for developing long-term cooperation.”

During the meeting, joint projects between the municipalities for the future were discussed, while the Karjali municipality received an invitation to participate in the traditional Strumica carnival.

According to Kujok’s expression, all connections and roads between peoples are built with perseverance and goodwill. The EU parliamentarian pointed out that although the two municipalities are on opposite sides of the border, they can cooperate successfully in many areas.

Kucuk said the following about the meeting: “These are good examples that will create contact opportunities between the two municipalities, deepen relations in the fields of business, economy, culture and education, but above all contribute to the rapprochement of people. We see that two very forward-thinking mayors of the regions In which the community of individuals of different ethnic groups live shows us that we need to find a way to the differences that lead to unity.This is what the European Union is about and this is what I have always worked for as a decision – to put the Bulgarian and North Macedonian flag side by side with the flag of the European Union.I “I believe in the future and prosperity. The aim of politics is to enable citizens to overcome differences in this difficult time. This is a new page that we have opened between two countries and between two municipalities.”

Cardigal Mayor Dr. M. Hasan Aziz said, “It gives me great pleasure to be here with the delegation of Bulgaria to talk about our joint projects, opportunities and the common path that we must walk together. Karjali Municipality is trying to look for opportunities to cooperate with municipalities in the neighboring countries of Bulgaria. I am glad that Strumica Municipality will find A partner with whom we can continue the development path of Kardzhali. I believe we can develop very good relations between our peoples with the support of Ilhan Kucuk.”

Ilhan Kucuk and Dr. M. In addition to Hassan Aziz, the Bulgarian delegation included Deputy Mayor of Karjali Tuncay Sukru, Municipal Council Mayor Hussein Ahmed, Deputy Mayor of Municipal Council Latif Rasim, Deputy Mayor of Blagovgrad (Upper Friday), Bulgarian Councilor Mehmet Vakliov, and City Council member Hasidimovo Ibrahim. Zhidenov.

After the meeting in Strumica municipality, the Bulgarian delegation headed by Ilhan Kucuk met with Zoran Zaev.

Source: CardZhalNews

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