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Balkans |  Karjali and Strumica become sister municipalities

An important step was taken today in Karjali for friendship and brotherhood between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia.

At the initiative of Ilhan Kucuk, member of the European Union Parliament, the municipalities of Karjali and Strumica became sisters. This day took place at the Karjali City Council meeting in the presence of Mayor of Strumica Kosdin Kostdinov, Chairman of City Council Marian Daskalovsky and General Secretary of Mayor Aleksandr Kozhakov.

Karjali Municipal Council members unanimously approved the proposal to sign a sister city protocol with the municipality of Strumica in North Macedonia.

Cardigal Mayor Dr. M. Hassan Aziz, in his proposal to the local council, recalled the municipality’s visit to Strumica in December 2022, where an agreement was reached to become a sister city. doctor. M. According to the information provided by Aziz, the population of the 475 square kilometer neighborhood is 54,676. It is located on the Strumica Plain, which is a center of intensive agriculture. Textile and food industries are developed in the city. It is famous for the Strumica Carnival, which takes place in the spring.

Mayor of Strumica Kostadinov said in his speech after signing the Bilateral Sister City Protocol with Hasan Aziz, “We have a very strong will to make friends. We wish our people to be close and friendly. The establishment of sister city relations between the two municipalities is supported by members of the municipal council and citizens of Strumica This decision is also supported by the residents of Karjali Municipality.Kostdinov hoped for active contacts in the economic, cultural and sports fields.“We will work with tolerance and understanding,” said Mayor of Strumica. We’ve done a lot in a given time.”

doctor. M. Aziz pointed out that the municipal administration always aims to establish fraternal relations with the municipalities of the Balkan countries. The Mayor of Karjali said, “We have not been in contact with the Republic of North Macedonia. We only have common points between the two countries and the two peoples. Time wants this action to happen now. Today, Karjali is a place where messages of brotherhood and unity are sent in the name of the dream of a united Europe.” Pointing out that his team is one of the most difficult workers in establishing fraternal relations, Dr. M. Azis said that starting today, they will start working on joint projects and visits to participate in off-road competitions, business meetings and EU projects within the scope of the Erasmus programme. Mayor of Karjali said, “We will also attend the traditional Strumica Carnival. The signing of the bilateral sister-city protocol is a bold step towards rich and long-term cooperation.”

He gave his guest a painting depicting the tallest suspension bridge in the province, d. M. Aziz stressed, “We are destined to be a bridge between two peoples.”

The ceremony was attended by Dr. doctor. Nikolay Ovsharov congratulated Kardzhali on signing the sister city protocol with Strumica Municipality. Noting that he has always had a scholarly interest in the Republic of North Macedonia, the famous archaeologist mentioned that his doctoral dissertation was on medieval antiquities in Vardar Macedonia. The scholar described Strumica as a wonderful city, and noted that the Byzantine historian John Kantakouzen mentioned both Strumica and Perperikon in the fourteenth century and said that this had a symbolic meaning. Today we must seek common ground. This is nationally important. We really need to communicate.”

Chairman of the Municipal Council of Karjali m. Hussein Ahmed sums it up: “We have the same values.”


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