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Balkans |  Kosovo begins part of multinational exercise “Defender Europe 2023”

The Kosovo portion of the “Defender Europe 2023” multinational exercise, administered by the US European Command, which aims to create readiness and interoperability between the United States, NATO allies and partner nations, kicked off with a ceremony.

Kosovo’s President Fyuza Osmani and Prime Minister Albin Kurti, as well as ministers, mayors and ambassadors serving in the country, and many guests attended the ceremony, which took place in the main square of Kosovo’s capital, Pristina, where military equipment of the Kosovo Security Force (FSK) was also displayed.

In his speech at the ceremony, President Osmani said that Kosovo’s strength lies not only in its weapons, but also in the friendly relations it establishes and develops day by day.

The exercise is historic in many respects, especially for the smallest army on the European continent, FSK, Usmani said, “We are stronger together against the forces that try to divide us, proving that our unity and cooperation is the key to a safer and more peaceful future.” Defender 23’s primary goal is to show The military and combat capability of the United States and its allied forces against potential aggressors, and reassuring European allies and partners that the continent is safe from potential attack.” Use his statements.

Noting that “Defender Europe 2023” is the largest military exercise ever held in Kosovo, Prime Minister Kurti said: “As a country that believes in human rights, the rule of law, peace and democracy, the security of the European continent is our vital interest. Defender Europe 23 was held in an environment Tensed 15 months after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and therefore directly related to the future of not only Europe but the whole world. Therefore, it is necessary to be ready to face both expected and unexpected threats. He said.

In his speech, Kosovo Defense Minister Armind Mihaj emphasized that peace is the only way for Kosovo and said: “Our goal is sole membership in NATO. That is why we will fulfill any commitments necessary to be part of NATO.” He said.

17,000 soldiers from more than 20 countries are taking part in the exercises, which began on April 22 and will end on June 23. The Kosovo portion of the Defender Europe ’23 exercise, which was conducted in 10 countries, will be completed on June 2.

Kosovo is participating in the exercises with 1,300 soldiers.


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