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Balkans |  Kosovo has made progress in democracy

Freedom House released its report on Nations in Transition.

The report, published by Freedom House, shows that Kosovo is making progress.

According to the “Nations in Transition” report published by Freedom House, an NGO that conducts research on democracy, freedom and human rights, Kosovo has made some progress in the area of ​​democracy.

The report stated that the tensions between Serbia and Kosovo continue to impede democratic progress, and the report emphasized that the Serbian authorities continue to undermine Kosovo’s authority in its territory. In the published report, Kosovo increased its score from 3.25 last year to 3.29 this year. The report also stated that they failed in the negotiations between Kosovar Prime Minister Albin Kurti and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

The long-standing strained relations between Serbia and Kosovo have continued to undermine democratic progress in both countries, albeit in different ways. The extraordinary efforts of civil society in Kosovo to bring about positive policy changes with regard to gender-based violence and ethnic divisions have been overshadowed by the escalation of violence in the Serb-majority north.”


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