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Balkans |  Kosovo Presidency opposes raising electricity

The Kosovo Energy Regulatory Authority (ZRRE) has again warned of a 14 percent increase in electricity prices from April 1.

And after the Energy Regulatory Authority warned of an increase, it was noted in a letter sent by the presidency to the institution that it was against an increase in electricity during this period.

In the letter sent by the Presidency of Kosovo to the Energy Regulatory Authority, “The Office of the President of Kosovo expresses concern about the socio-economic impact of this decision and the burden it will impose on the most vulnerable groups of society, such as retirees, single mothers, citizens on welfare, and families.

The Presidency recommends reviewing possibilities for avoiding tariff increases through enhanced communication and coordination between agencies to ensure additional costs that cause increasing hardship for regulated operators are subsidized. In this direction, the EU energy subsidy package for Kosovo can contribute.

Through this package, 75 million euros have been secured to deal with the energy crisis. For this reason, the Presidency recommends that before making a final decision, the Energy Regulatory Authority should seriously consider the possibility of subsidies without the need for a new decision that would cause a series of tariff increases in our country. Data included.


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