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Balkans |  Kosovo Serbs protest against Vucic

It is reported that Kosovo Serbs will organize a protest on January 9 in response to the “betrayal” of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, who called for the removal of barriers last week.

A statement issued by the Movement for the Liberation of Kosovo, one of the Serbian organizations in the country, said that the protest, which will be held in response to Vucic’s betrayal, threats, extortion, arrogance and unjust enrichment of the Serbian slate, will begin symbolically at 12:01 local time.

“Citizens took to the streets with Aleksandar Vucic’s pro-Albanian stance and his policy that harms Kosovo Serbs, the Serb list, which partnered with (former Kosovo President Hashim) Thaci (former Prime Minister Ramos) Haradinaj years ago, they can no longer represent,” the statement read. Kosovo Serbs. He will send your message.” Data included.

In the statement, which stated that Vucic and the Serb List had endorsed the occupation of Mitrovica and northern Kosovo, “Kosovo Serbs will demand from Serbia that a negotiator be appointed that will first respect the interests of Serbia and Kosovo Serbs.” expressions were used.

Source: Balkan News

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