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The Statistical Institute of Kosovo has warned that the visa waiver will result in half of Kosovo’s youth leaving the country.

The Kosovo Institute of Statistics warned of the country’s population decline at a discussion meeting on “Declining Fertility in Kosovo: What’s Going On and What We Can Do”, which was jointly organized with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

In reference to the shrinking population, the Kosovo Institute of Statistics announced that there were 56,283 births in 1986, and the number of deaths decreased to 25,794 in 2019.

Some of the speakers, who spoke at the panel discussion, attributed the decrease in births in Kosovo to increased migration, and stated that although this situation affected the entire region, other countries had taken precautions.

Visar Mojko Nemani, Chief of Office of UNFPA in Kosovo, highlighted the need for policy changes to address this problem. Nemani warned that half of the youth will leave Kosovo because of the visa waiver.


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