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KLA veterans, whose acronym is UCK, have taken to the streets to express their discontent over some issues.

Veterans who protested their exclusion from the minimum wage law denounced Mimosa Kosari-Lella, head of the ruling Vitovindosje (VV) parliamentary group, speaking with Slavko Simic, deputy head of the Serb List, the largest Serb party in Kosovo, about veterans. Their audio recordings have been revealed.

The government’s discussion of veterans’ salaries with Serbian party officials and the fact that veterans were not included in the minimum wage law led to an influx of UCK veterans into the squares.

At a KLA veterans protest, speakers called on the government to return to the people and “give up the tales” and stated that if the veterans’ demands were not met, this protest would be small compared to what would happen.

“This government is like vampires in 1998/99. Where are those who voted more than 50 percent, let them come forward. I know all of Kosovo is for freedom,” Bajram Kirkeni, head of the Parents’ Voice association, told the government, telling the government, “You are just liars and frauds.” He said his words.

Because of the protest in which hundreds of war veterans gathered, the Kosovo Police took security measures.


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