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Balkans |  Kosovo’s leaders sign a petition for EU membership

Senior officials in Kosovo have signed the country’s accession petition to the European Union.

At the ceremony, which was held at the presidential residence in the capital, Pristina, the petition was signed by President Vgusa Osmani, Parliament Speaker Glauc Kunjovka and Prime Minister Albin Kurti.

In his statement here, Osmani said December 14 will be recognized as the date on which the Kosovo Security Force (FSK) transformed into the military in 2018, as well as the date on which his country applied to join the European Union.

Noting that Kosovo never had an alternative other than the European Union, this moment is dedicated to the citizens of Kosovo and those who sacrificed their lives for freedom, independence and democracy in their country, in the face of unjust invasion and genocide, Osmani said:

“As part of a free market economy and an indomitable contributor to peace and security, Kosovo deserves to be part of the EU family. The path ahead is clear, and the path to EU membership is not a one-way process. This whole process may be long-term, but we are determined to succeed. “.

We call on them to show their support by unanimously approving Kosovo’s membership petition.

Also noting the importance of membership application for Kosovo and the entire region, Speaker Konjovka said the EU provides stability, democracy, security, development, prosperity, respect for human rights, equality, fair competition and free movement of people and goods.

Konjovka called on the EU institutions and representatives to unanimously approve this petition, and said: “To show the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, the European Commission and the EU Member States their commitment and support to Kosovo and all other Western Balkan countries unanimously approve Kosovo’s membership petition. We invite you.” He said.

“Historic moment for our country”

Prime Minister Kurti noted that Kosovo’s future is within the European Union and that today they have taken a big step towards membership in the European Union, Europe’s largest peace and welfare organization.

Noting that the application for EU membership will be handed over to the Czech Republic, which holds the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, Corti said: “This is a historic moment for our country, which aims to open a new page for our state and society. Progress; will depend on our commitment to deep and transformative reforms that will Advancing democracy and the rule of law and improving our economy.” Use the phrase.

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