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Balkans |  Kosovo’s Ottoman President met with US Under Secretary of State Cholet

Kosovo President Fyoza Osmani received US Under Secretary of State Derek Chollet.

According to the presidency statement, Osmani stressed that the active participation of the United States in the dialogue process will be crucial to achieving a successful outcome for the benefit of the people of Kosovo.

“Kosovo is ready to make proposals that would contribute to the agreement as a constructive party with full determination, in coordination with the United States,” the statement said. Data included.

Expressing the danger that Serbia’s rapprochement with Russia poses not only to Kosovo, but also to the Euro-Atlantic alliance, Osmani stated that with Russia’s support, Serbia remains a force that threatens sustainable peace in the region.

Osmani said the final agreement, which must have mutual recognition at its center, aims to achieve sustainable and long-term peace in the region.

The meeting also reaffirmed Kosovo’s excellent relations with its main ally, the United States, and the determination to further strengthen cooperation between the two countries.

It is scheduled to visit Cholet, who will also meet with Prime Minister Albin Kurti and opposition leaders in the framework of his contacts in the country, Serbia tomorrow and hold talks to reach a comprehensive agreement between the two countries.

Kosovo and Serbia negotiations

The European Union calls on Kosovo and Serbia to reach a final agreement that can solve the issues between the two countries to make progress in the integration process.

Finally, the two sides negotiate what is commonly known as the Franco-German Plan, with the support of the United States and all members of the European Union.

According to the plan, which was leaked to the media, Kosovo should allow the creation of a Federation of Serb Municipalities in municipalities in the country where most Serbs live.

Serbia is required to respect Kosovo’s territorial integrity and allow it to join international organizations.

Kosovo’s Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, stated that the plan, which he described as “a good basis for negotiations”, was rejected by Serbia.

EU officials hope negotiations on the Franco-German plan will be completed in the spring.


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