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Balkans |  Kujuk: The MRF formed the basis for Bulgaria’s pro-Ukraine position

Ilhan Kucuk, Leader of the European Liberals, who was a guest on NOVA TV’s “This Morning”, commented: “There is no doubt that President Volodymyr Zelensky’s visit is of great importance to Bulgaria and the European Union (EU) as a country.”

Kuchuk added, “This visit is also very important in terms of the role that Bulgaria will play in the coming years, if not in the coming decades.”

MEP, “You can no longer sit in two seats. Bulgaria must be a competent member of the European Union, loyal to the organizations of which it is a member, and the time is right for that. So we cannot speak with different voices. The idea of ​​taking a position on common national reconciliation within NATO and the European Union is imperative,” he said.

Kuchuk said: We have sent mixed signals several times. Let me remind you of some events related to North Macedonia when we had a completely divided government. We haven’t been very consistent on Ukraine either. Some – yes, it is necessary to help, because they are a victim, some say – no, it is some kind of conflict that must be resolved between them, namely – between the aggressor, the Russian Federation and Ukraine, a victim. He said.

The member of the European Parliament said: “I am pleased that the efforts of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) in its various dimensions have already become the policy of our country with its founding declaration and position declared two years ago, and that decisions are taken in Parliament.”

Kuchuk stressed that “it is very important for us to realize that we are a parliamentary republic after such a long gap, and all important decisions must be taken after they have been discussed in parliament,” and noted that leadership shows itself precisely in difficult moments.

Commenting on the negotiations between Bulgaria and Ukraine regarding the equipment of the Belin Nuclear Power Plant, MEP: “We do not give away this equipment, we sell it. The European Commission has already taken the opportunity to say that it can buy it with the money given to Ukraine. So the hypothesis that we give something completely free, that we give a gift, is absolutely false.

Asked what will happen to Bulgaria’s Schengen membership after the political crisis in the Netherlands and the resignation of Mark Rutte’s government, Kuchuk said: “What is happening in the Netherlands is big, such as whether there will be more immigration policy, who can enter the European Union and who can control it.” “It shows the need for discussion. It’s one thing to trust other countries, and it’s another matter what we need to do as a country. Our president was also working on the Schengen issue, and now the new government is doing the same.”

The MEP said, “The good news this week is that we already have a report that has been drawn up as a good practice and is being accepted. The second good news for Bulgaria is that there are clear signs that the cooperation and verification mechanism is being abolished.”

Kucuk said: “We, as members of the Parliament of the European Union, wanted to reconsider the issue in the European Parliament this week. A decision on this issue will be taken. This time, there is a desire to find a crossroads that would make the Schengen issue a success for the Bulgarian diplomacy and political elite. Bulgarian and finally ensuring that Bulgarian citizens are not stigmatized because we are not part of the Schengen area, and it seems to me that this is not only outwardly, “he pointed out, adding that he needs to take another step in the direction of uniting more efforts.

Regarding corruption, the member of the Supreme Judicial Council said and what the report concluded was that no high-ranking officials had been convicted of serious crimes, the member of the European Parliament said: “We want to solve most of these problems by changing the constitution. It was no coincidence that we had a reading Clear, detailed and professional a year and a half ago that the Basic Law needed to be changed.

As HÖH, we have never claimed to be the best offer. Although we did it first, we want to hear the views of our experts, constitutionalists, and people who have worked on this issue for many years, and see their designs. Because this is a state-building issue, we have to look carefully and think about how best to deal with the problems that Bulgaria has presented to us by the European Commission, and on the other hand, I think this is the most important, the concerns that Bulgarian citizens raise every day.

Kuchuk said: “All governments missed the opportunity to explain to Bulgarian citizens the advantages of Bulgaria being part of the eurozone. Let’s be honest – we are affected by all the negatives of decisions related to the eurozone, but we don’t see any benefit. We chose our way to participate in the club where the euro has been used for a year 1997″.

Asked if the MRF would stand behind the candidacy of Dimitar Radev to head the Bulgarian Central Bank (BNB), Kuchuk replied: “This is the necessary, indisputable expert who will be discussed in the party’s governing bodies for political decision-making. But when we talk about a president “Bulgarian BNB, it seems to me that he should be an authoritative figure working for the country’s international image. I can express my personal opinion. Yes, I think Dimitar Radev is such a person. But the decision that my political party will make is debatable.”

Ilhan Kucuk, who was asked to comment on Slavi Trifonov’s post in which he expressed doubts that there was an agreement to support Dimitar Radev to elect Andrei Zyurov and Peter Chubanov as vice-president of the British National Bank, was told by the leader of “There are such people”. He (ITN) said: “I do not have such information. But if you ask if Petr Tchobanov is a good professional, it is obvious that Petr Tchobanov has been an active participant in the preparation of the public finances of the Republic of Bulgaria for many years, as an expert, politician and financier, as a professor at the University of National and World Economy As far as I know, Peter Chubanov still holds the position of Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Budget and Finance. This is sufficient evidence that the professional community has a good view of him as an expert. I, as a politician, have such an opinion about him. “

When asked if he considers the Continued Change Party (PP) to be a member of ALDE, Ilhan Kucuk commented: “The principle of the alliance of Liberals and Democrats is to maintain an open-door policy. This means that as a party founded in 1976, there are clear rules and procedures. Both democracies operate European and European parties through values, rules and procedures. If desired, the procedure must be initiated and through the procedure it is determined whether the political party in question has liberal values. The Movement for Rights and Freedoms said nothing more, and I, as the leader of the European liberals, said nothing else It is in our interest to be great as the party of European liberals, and to be a factor in the next elections to the European Parliament, but at the same time we cannot undermine our basic principles. Because they make us strong, they bring us together.”


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