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Balkans |  Kurti: “No autonomy for Serbs”

Kosovar Prime Minister Albin Kurti said that there is no question of granting autonomy to Kosovo Serbs.

Kurti said that he is also the prime minister of Serbs living in Kosovo, and stated that the agreement with Serbia refers to the Council of Europe’s framework agreement in relation to national minorities.

Kurti emphasized that discrimination and a “super minority” could not be allowed in Kosovo, and said: “There is no autonomy, but there will be actual recognition of Kosovo and Serbia.” I do not support discrimination, oppression, exploitation and marginalization against Serbs. We Albanians have been living under Serbian rule for a century. It wouldn’t even occur to us to repeat something like that. Similarly, we cannot allow a super minority in Kosovo. We cannot grant privileges to people on the basis of their national and religious affiliation, because privilege for some turns into discrimination for others.

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