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Balkans |  Kurti: “Putin wants conflict in Kosovo!”

Kosovar Prime Minister Albin Kurti has claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin wants conflict in Kosovo.

Kurti said that Kosovo’s achievements and its cooperation with the West annoyed Putin and said, “Putin has become obsessed with our country. “While he is pleased with the failure of the West’s interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq, the success of the intervention in Kosovo infuriates him,” he said.

Kurti said they are waiting for the decision to increase NATO’s military presence in Kosovo. Kurti said: “We have given a signal that we want to increase the number of NATO soldiers, but of course the decision is up to NATO. I believe that the fact that our larger neighbor, who does not know us, is intensifying its cooperation with the Kremlin, should encourage NATO to strengthen its presence. In this way it is possible to reduce potential for conflict.”

Corti and Kosovar and Serbia He said that an agreement could be concluded between the two parties within a few months if both parties showed their will. Kurti said, “For the sake of lasting peace, security and regional stability, Serbia needs to distance itself from two things. The first is its past, which is Milosevic, and the second is the current Putin. Because Serbia is getting closer and closer to Russia seriously.” He said, “Putin wants to incite conflict in Kosovo.” “.

Source: Balkan News

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