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Balkans |  Kurti sought support in Albania

Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin CortiOn Sunday, he visited Albania to seek support for the agreement with Serbia.

President in Tirana Bagram Bajaj Kurti, who met Kurti, explained that the purpose of the visit was to acquaint the Albanian public with the process of dialogue with Serbia and the elements of the agreement in Ohrid.

Stressing that Albania must handle the complex situation of dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia carefully, Kurti said, “This agreement actually means mutual recognition. I also explained to them Article 7 on the administration of the Serbian Federation, specifically the Framework Agreement on the Protection of National Minorities.

Albanian President Bagram Bijaj said he hoped the parties would fully respect the agreement in Ohrid.

Kurti was also the Prime Minister of Albania in connection with his contacts in Tirana. Eddie Rama And he met former president Ilir Meta.

After meeting Corti, Rama said, he sympathized with Corti’s courage and pragmatism regarding relations with Serbia. Kurti and Rama agreed to hold the next intergovernmental meeting of the governments of Kosovo and Albania in June.

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