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Balkans |  Macedonia wants to supply Bayraktar TB2

The Bayraktar TB2 (SİHA) armed unmanned aerial vehicles, produced in Turkey, enter the radar of a different country every day.

Countries such as Hungary, Serbia, Angola and Albania are also showing interest in SİHAs which are being supplied to dozens of countries.

SİHAs, another Balkan country North Macedoniato be on the agenda.

North Macedonia eye on Bayraktar TB2

The President of North Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski, announced military cooperation with Turkey in the coming period, saying that the Russian attacks on Ukraine “make everything more urgent.”

Pendarovski stated that the military partnership between the two countries began years ago and that many senior soldiers in the North Macedonian army were trained in Turkish military schools.

“I can’t speak in front of everyone.”

When asked if the purchase of SİHAs from Turkey was on Skopje’s agenda, Pendarovski said that they had made new arrangements to purchase some military equipment and weapons from Turkey in the past year and a half, and added:

Contact Skopje: Buy Drones from Turkey

In its call to the government last month, North Macedonia’s VMRO-NP stressed the importance of supplying drones from Turkey:

Since the war between Ukraine and Russia, drones have proven to be a very effective weapon. From the conversation between Erdogan and Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, we learn that Albania has bought a powerful Turkish weapon called ‘Bayraktar’. It was announced that Kosovo will also receive the same UAVs. We call on the Government of North Macedonia, especially the Ministry of Defense, to start negotiations with our Turkish friend to purchase a sufficient number of SİHAs.

Greek newspaper: They will join the Turkish war club

On the other hand, the Greek media website “Slpress” wrote that the leader of North Macedonia wanted to join the “Turkish war club”.

It was reported in the news that Stevo Pendarovski hinted at continuing negotiations for the purchase of a Bayraktar unmanned aerial vehicle.


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