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Balkans |  MATTO and MATUSITEB will build a school in Malatya

Turkish Turkish Chamber of Commerce (MATTO) organized a traditional breakfast program in the capital, Skopje.


Turkey’s Ambassador to Skopje Hasan Mehmet Itkok, Parliament Speaker Talat Kafri, Deputy Prime Minister for Economics Fatmir Potucci, Interior Minister Oliver Spasovsky, Finance Minister Fatmir Pesimi, Defense Minister Slavianka Petrovska, President Mato Aydogan Ademowski, Former President of the Constitutional Court Salih Murat and Chairman of the Council attended MATUSITEB management Tahsin Ibrahim in addition to many guests.

In the breakfast program, it was mentioned that a donation project was launched and implemented by MATTO and MATUSITEB to build one of the 111 schools destroyed in the Malatya region.

In the written statement made by MATTO on the subject, the following statements are included:

True friends are there in difficult times when help is most needed and when dedication, commitment and teamwork can light the way to better days.

In times of despondency and grief, together with prayers for haste and recovery, and messages of speedy recovery, Macedonia and its citizens have affirmed by their actions why these two nations are so proud and so appreciative of the widely known friendship. These slogans are nothing but friendship whose core value is humanity, trying to survive and continuous improvement.

After the frightening and painful news reached the region, the entire Macedonian people stood up and offered a helping hand. Our staff, almost competing with each other in assistance, have identified the most needed points where wounds need to be urgently healed, mobilized huge and very comprehensive financial funds, carried out campaigns and donations by providing both clothing and food aid. Of course, the aid did not end there. Extra effort and sacrifice is always required when it comes to a true friend.

For this purpose, the Macedonian-Turkish Chamber of Commerce (MATTO) and the Macedonian-Turkish Civil Society Organizations Federation (MATUSITEB) started and implemented a donation project for the construction of one of the 111 destroyed schools in the Malatya region. Through this activity, they took another step towards maintaining their commitment, developing the idea of ​​friendship and solidarity, and raising friendship to a higher level. In this way, you will directly contribute to the growth, development and education of uneducated children, and the new generations will be a good example and image of humanity and friendship between these two peoples.

As proof of this beautiful work done, the relevant authorities of the Republic of Turkey will name this school as “Republic of North Macedonia” and the classes inside the school will be given the names of cities in Macedonia.

In this regard, the members of MATTO are already carrying out donation activities with great pleasure, and in this direction, they state that they want to encourage and invite everyone who is interested to contribute to this work of which we are all very proud.

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