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Balkans |  Medical students protest in Albania

In the Albanian capital, Tirana, medical students have protested against the government’s attempt to require them to work for several years in the country.

Students from the Medical University of Tirana protested in front of the parliament building.

The students oppose the “Medical Students Employment in Albania” bill which has been passed by the Council of Ministers and is expected to be debated in Parliament.

Medical students holding signs “My degree is not yours” and “Don’t change the rules in the middle of the game” expressed that they did not want to be part of compulsory recruitment.

According to the bill announced by the government on July 5, students admitted to the first year of medical school must sign a contract stating that they will work in Albania for 5 years after completing their education.

The bill stipulates that second to fourth year students must work for 3 years, and fifth and sixth year students must work for two years, or students in these two groups will pay tuition fees for the remaining years at a tariff set by the government.

According to the authorities, the bill aims to meet the needs of the health system and prevent doctors from traveling abroad for work.


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