Balkans | Message from the President of Serbia “preserving peace with Kosovo”: “We will continue to search for compromise solutions”

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Balkans |  Message from the President of Serbia “preserving peace with Kosovo”: “We will continue to search for compromise solutions”

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, said that they will continue to search for compromises to maintain peace between his country and Kosovo.

Vucic, Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) Patriarch Porfirig and DC Belgrademet at.

After the bilateral meeting, the two parties made a statement to the press.

Vucic criticized Kosovo’s requirement that Porverig be allowed to enter the country, expressing this as a disgrace.

They have meetings with representatives of the international community, Vucic said, and the only problem is the barriers. Those who, together with NATO, trampled on the territorial integrity of Serbia, are now trying to crush it, contrary to UN Resolution 1244 and all other agreements. They want conflict because the territorial integrity of Kosovo is more important to them than the lives of Serbs.

Vucic said, “We are also in talks with (EU Special Representative for the Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue) Miroslav Lajcak and (US Special Envoy for the Western Balkans) Gabriel Escobar. We are doing everything to keep the peace. We will continue to search for compromises.” He said.

Serbian President Vucic assured that they will continue to take all necessary steps to maintain peace and stability, adding that he does not believe an agreement will be reached anytime soon.

Peace Keeping Appeal from Patriarch Porphyrig

Noting that the situation in northern Kosovo is dangerous, Patriarch Porfiri said, “The tension has reached a point where it is not possible to open ‘roads’ that none of us want.” He said.

Calling the representatives of the international community on duty, Porfirig said: “We must do everything to maintain peace and prevent armed conflicts at any cost, because that will not benefit anyone. I have made a request to President Vucic and the government in this regard. I believe that if there is goodwill, it will be done.” Find a common path. He said.

Noting that Serbs in Kosovo expect him to attend the ceremony in the north, Porfiri said, “We wanted to pray at the ceremony for peace and a better understanding between Albanians and Serbs during these difficult days.” Use the phrase.

Kosovo sets conditions for the Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church to enter the country

The Supreme People’s Assembly announced on December 25 that the government of Kosovo did not allow Patriarch Porfiri to enter the country, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora in Kosovo issued a statement in this regard.

The statement said that Patriarch Porfiri, who wants to visit Kosovo, is required to condemn the actions of church members who support criminal groups in northern Kosovo and those responsible for the barricades erected there, and to have a visitor permit. It will be awarded if the prerequisites are approved.

Tensions between Kosovo and Serbia

Tensions between Kosovo and Serbia escalate after the arrest of former Serbian police officer Dejan Pantec.

In response to the detention, Kosovo Serbs have been manning the barricades they have set up at the Yarenje and Brinjak border crossings since 10 December.

The European Union, NATO and the United States of America called for de-escalation and the removal of roadblocks in northern Kosovo, and Serbia asked the Kosovo Force to deploy the Serbian army and police in northern Kosovo.

Serbia considers Kosovo, which unilaterally declared its independence in 2008, to be its territory.

Serbia and Kosovo, which clash periodically, are trying to find a common way to normalize relations, and eventually the two countries get to know each other, within the scope of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue process initiated in 2011 with the mediation of the European Union.


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