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Balkans |  Milanovic: “The European Union is a trade union”

Croatian President Zoran Milanovic once again commented on the government’s proposal to train Ukrainian soldiers, which he did not agree to as Commander-in-Chief.

Milanovic, nobody RussiaHe was not on Russia’s side, he said, but the EU’s mission to support Ukraine in training its soldiers was legally questionable.

“After all these years, the European Union has become first and foremost a trade union for me. This is not a defensive alliance and never will be a defensive alliance,” said Milanovic. “There is NATO and then there is the European Union,” he said.

The Croatian president points out that Article 42 of the Treaty on European Union states that the EU can only conduct such missions outside its member states.

When asked if a session of the National Security Council should take place, Milanovic replied, “Absolutely. This is one of the topics that should be attended to intuitively in such sessions. all ignored. Plenkovitch proposed a session on the day Russia attacked Ukraine, which did not make sense at the time. Now is the time when we have to talk about the important things and make decisions.”

Milanović reiterated that Plenković had sent his minister to Brussels with orders to violate the constitution and the law.

Since Milanović refused to allow Croatian soldiers to participate in the training of Ukrainians, the government approved this proposal and sent it to Parliament, which was expected to explain it.

A two-thirds majority, or 101 parliamentary votes, is required to approve a government proposal.

source: Balkan News

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