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Balkans |  Minister Akar: Greece should not miscalculate

National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar made remarks regarding the tension between Greece and the Aegean Sea.

Minister Akar touched on the problems between Turkey and Greece, stressing the importance of peaceful methods and dialogue to solve problems and reduce tension.

In response to Greece’s attempts to accuse Turkey of concepts such as “neo-Ottomanism”, “revisionism” and “expansionism”, Akar said: “They are trying to implicate Turkey by using these concepts in a way that confuses political decision-makers, especially in the West. And we say, on the other hand, there are consultations On the other hand, there are negotiations within the framework of confidence and confidence-building measures, as well as discussions about dismissal measures. Come, we are waiting. They will not come. However, they are making all kinds of slander against us with baseless and false allegations.”

Akar stated that the Greek attempt to invade Anatolia in 1919, with the encouragement and provocation of some countries, was aborted along with the national struggle:

“We tell them: learn from history, do not get into trouble, do not embark on new adventures, do not waste the rights and interests of your people for the rights and interests of other countries.” We will not allow any fait accompli and our rights to be violated without provocation by Greece. We are determined and determined in this regard.”

Referring to the allegations that “Greece is preparing to take the decision to increase the territorial waters of Crete from 6 miles to 12 miles,” Minister of National Defense Akar said, “We will not accept more than 6 miles.”

Akar also criticized the statements of some Greek officials that “Turkey poses a threat to Greece” and said, “We as Turkey did not threaten anyone. We never went to Greece. Turkey is a strong, reliable and effective ally. Turkey is strong, TAF is strong, NATO is strong, alliance is strong.” We want everyone to know that.”

Pointing out that Turkey is among the guarantor countries in Cyprus, Akar said, “The TRNC has been established, and the issue is its recognition. We continue to work on this. We say to Greece, don’t miscalculate, don’t take wrong paths and learn from history.” Make your decision before the snow falls on the mountains you trust. “Ankara miscalculation back,” he said.


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