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Balkans |  Minister Akar’s reaction to Greece: a miscalculation from Ankara

National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar answered the questions of Star News Editor-in-Chief Nazlı Celik in Kokciada.

Minister Akar responded with harsh words to Greek Chief of General Staff Konstantinos Floros’ visit to Kitchi Island near Bodrum.

Akar responded to the statements about increasing the territorial waters to 12 miles with the words, “The wrong steps will have serious consequences.”

“Remember we told our neighbors the wrong account was returned from Ankara”

Minister Akar said:

We have repeatedly said that we do not accept the fact that Greece does not increase the territorial waters over the islands to 12 miles, but that they must be increased beyond 6 miles in any way, which is out of the question. We expect this to be understood. Everyone should know that any wrong step in any way will lead to serious problems. Do not forget that we are telling our neighbor that the wrong account will return from Ankara. They leave the islands belonging to them, and on the islands right under our noses, visits are made with soldiers at the level of ministers. If these are not provocations, then what is?

“Our duty is to take measures.”

The arming of the islands, the deployment of troops on the islands, and developments like this on the islands that lie right under our noses, shouldn’t we view them as a threat, danger or danger from Turkey? Don’t we say that? We also have to take precautions. We don’t have any weaknesses. In exchange for this, we have provided the necessary responses both in the field and at the table, and we will provide them in the future. You have to learn from history and you need to correct the mistakes of yesterday and today.”

High-level contact with Damascus after 11 years

Recently, after 11 years, the first contact with Syria was made at the ministerial level.

National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar met with his Syrian counterpart, Ali Mahmoud Abbas, in the Russian capital, Moscow.

Akar assessed this development in the following words:

First, there were some meetings between our intelligence units. We had a joint ministerial meeting. It’s a practical matter.

“If conditions arise, meetings between leaders may also come to the agency.”

If conditions are met, talks between high-level leaders may be on the agenda. At the meeting in Moscow, we exchanged our views with the Russian and Syrian sides and expressed our concerns. There were no negative returns. We said that our main goal is to fight terrorism. We said we have no problems with any ethnic, religious or sectarian group.”


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