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Balkans |  Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Dönmez met with Minister of Economy Bekteshi

Energy and Natural Resources Minister Fatih Donmez met with Economy Minister Krishnik Bekteci in Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia.

Following the cooperation agreement signed yesterday with Bulgaria in the field of natural gas, Minister Dönmez held talks in Skopje.

Minister Dönmez and the accompanying delegation met with Bekteci, Minister of Economy of North Macedonia, at the Prime Ministry building. The Ambassador of Turkey in Skopje Hasan Mehmet Itkok Dönmez accompanied him to his meeting.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Dönmez mentioned the historical and cultural ties between North Macedonia and Turkey.

Referring to the presence of Turkish partners in North Macedonia and people of North Macedonian origin in Turkey, Dönmez said, “They are actually our greatest resource for developing relations between the two countries in the most natural way.” He said.

Dönmez stated that they celebrated the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between North Macedonia and Turkey:

“We are increasing (relations) to a very high level by adding them every year. In these meetings, we once again expressed our readiness to support the growing energy demand for the development and development of North Macedonia, both through Turkish entrepreneurs and our public institutions. I would like to express once again our Our readiness to meet the demand for natural gas and demand for electricity when the right conditions arise.”

Referring to the signing of an important agreement in Bulgaria yesterday, Dönmez said, “Now, Turkey’s natural gas infrastructure is available to the countries of the region as well. Macedonia also provided a large part of the natural gas through Bulgaria. The more resource inputs can be provided, the more resources will be obtained.” More favorable results for consumers in a competitive environment. In the process, we are ready to contribute to the goals of North Macedonia on this path. Use phrases.

Pointing out that the Turkish entrepreneurs in North Macedonia are carrying out important tasks and making a great contribution to them, Dönmez thanked the Turkish entrepreneurs for completing the projects they started on time.

Dönmez stated that they will sign a memorandum of understanding with North Macedonia in a short time, and said that they will organize the International Gas Summit in February, and invited the North Macedonian Minister of Economy Bekteshi.

– “Turkey’s century will also be the century of energy”

“Turkey’s century will also be the century of energy,” Dönmez said.

“Unfortunately, Turkey has been dependent on foreign energy until today. This is not something we want. We have to reduce it. In this regard, we need to research and find domestic edible resources to the maximum extent and put them at the disposal of our citizens and people. In this context, we have intensified our research efforts in Our hydrocarbon resources in recent years. Fortunately, we made an important discovery in the Black Sea. Our goal this year, on the centenary of our republic, is to bring this gas to our people. Similarly, we have serious projects in the field of renewable energy, wind energy, solar energy, and geothermal energy , biomass, hydraulics, we have big projects. They too will live one by one.

Emphasizing that the security of energy supply is indispensable for them and the importance of diversification of resources, therefore, “we had to strengthen our infrastructure. We have almost completed the shortcomings related to infrastructure to a large extent. Our warehouse capacity has increased. In two years, we will increase our capacity in Salt Lake from 1.2 billion cubic meters to 5.4 billion cubic meters.” He said.

Pointing out that Turkey is working not only to meet its own needs but also to meet the needs of the countries of the region with the infrastructure investments it has made in the field of energy, Dönmez used the following phrases:

“The goal of becoming a trading center actually came from here. We are negotiating with both producing and supplying countries. We are also negotiating with consuming countries. There are very positive trends on both sides. Turkey is the most energy consuming country in Southeast Europe. Diversity of resources Also very big. We asked why one of these and similar trading centers that have been operating in Western Europe for years should not be in Turkey, in southeastern Europe. Because this geography is actually closer to the sources. This is an opportunity, this is an advantage. And we see this will In neighboring countries as well. We can easily operate this market and this distribution center together.”

Dönmez added that in this context, Bekteci, Minister of Economy of North Macedonia, stated that they will also support this project and that they will get the results as soon as possible.

– “As North Macedonia, we have expressed our interest in participating in every initiative taken by Turkey”

Baktishi also pointed out that through this visit, excellent cooperation with Turkey appeared again in a tangible way, and said that when the energy crisis began, the first place they advanced in Turkey was the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources.

Expressing their desire to attract as many Turkish investors as possible to North Macedonia during the meeting, Bekteci said, “We expressed our views on renewable energy sources and increasing production from them, especially considering the issue we are currently facing. At the same time, as North Macedonia We have expressed our interest in participating in every initiative that Turkey will take. This may also be common regional markets that Turkey will manage through other mechanisms. He said.

Bakteshi informed that they will sign a memorandum of understanding with Turkey, and stated that the working groups are in the stage of finalizing the draft and that they aim to sign it at the meeting they will hold in Istanbul.

Bakchi thanked the sister country Turkey on behalf of himself and his government for the support they provided to North Macedonia in various fields of life, including the economy, and for the cooperation between the two countries, and said: “President (Recep Tayyip) Erdogan and Mr. Dönmez have always shown interest. I believe we will overcome This crisis together and that we will open new horizons for the development of our country’s economy and for the development of Turkey by investing in our companies in the future. Use phrases.

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