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Balkans |  Minister Soylu met with Bulgarian Interior Minister Demirdjieff

Interior Minister Soylu met with Bulgarian Interior Minister Demirdzhiev. Soylu said, “We know about Mr. Demirjeyev’s efforts and extradition efforts. The last one was handed over to Levent Göktaş from Bulgaria. “We thank them,” he said.

The meeting, which was closed to the press at the Municipality House in Tarabya, lasted about an hour.

Speaking in the press release held after the meeting, Suleyman Soylu said that they had a very productive meeting with Demirjiyev and his delegation.

Recalling that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Bulgarian President Rumen Radev had met to take some steps within the framework of the decisions taken after their meeting in Istanbul about 10 days ago, Soylu stated that they had met with Demirjiev 13 times in the past five months.

Minister Soylu drew attention to the neighborhood and the historical and cultural unity between the two countries and said that they are in continuous cooperation in order to reach a solution.

Stating that the joint mechanism established between Turkey and Bulgaria started working on December 6, Soylu said, “With the decision taken at the last meeting under the instructions of our president, Mr. Demirdzhiev and we also agreed on both technology transformation and capacity increase in both Kapıkule gates And Hamzabeyli Border. starts working immediately with both the Minister of Commerce and the Ministry of Interior.” He said.

Soylu stated that a new friendship bridge was opened over the Rezve Creek with Kırklareli Begendik, which has been on the agenda for a long time, and that a new bridge was built here, and they are re-evaluating the infrastructure of this bridge today.

Noting that the bridge will be opened to pedestrians first, Soylu said, “A step has been taken between the two countries in terms of information exchange and joint war against drug trafficking. Once again, we have been working together for a long time, especially in the field of migrant smuggling, human smuggling and border security. We have agreed.” To exchange information on this issue in order to stop and prevent the flow of migration, and to continue the same struggle without interruption. Use the phrase.

Suleiman Soylu confirmed that they had reached an agreement to complete the security cooperation agreement between the two countries, which is in the signing stage, and the training cooperation agreement between law enforcement officers, and that the optical towers were erected on the Bulgarian border road, and work began on a new physical system on their part.

Interior Minister Soylu continued his speech as follows:

As stated in our president’s meetings. Kapıkule is the second largest gate in the world in terms of traffic and also in terms of trade. Border crossings and trade crossings in Kapıkule are very important to us, especially in this period when our production and exports are increasing. It is also important for Bulgaria. This is especially important for refrigerated transport. We also have good news. We thank them. In addition to Kapıkule, the Minister shared information about the construction of the frigofirik and related food laboratory in Hamzabeyli. Again, with regard to neighborly and fraternal relations with Bulgaria, the issue of establishing a joint gathering on disaster issues faced by the two countries was also discussed. Finally, we know the minister’s efforts to extradite criminals and his efforts in this regard. The last one was delivered to Levent Göktaş from Bulgaria. We thank them. Once again, I would like to confirm with your presence that our joint cooperation on the PKK, KCK, PYD, FETO and DHKP-C is on a solid foundation.

Soylu said that they immediately arrested the perpetrators of the killing of a police officer who were patrolling the border and conducted a joint investigation, and expressed condolences to the family of the police officer and the Bulgarian people.

“I said we will combat all kinds of terrorist acts”

Bulgarian Interior Minister Ivan Demirdzhiev said they held this meeting after the meeting between the two presidents.

“Our task was to take concrete steps,” Demirjiyev said, adding: “I would like to thank Soylu. We are facing great pressure from migrants, they give us great support in this struggle. I think the European Union is looking and evaluating this cooperation between the two countries. The side that protects the external borders of the European Union. I am confident that the European Union will take steps to support these great efforts of both countries. Share his opinion.

Stating that they discussed the first concrete steps to improve the work at Kapıkule and Hamzabeyli border control points, Demirdzhiev emphasized that they will ensure that the increasingly heavy traffic at these two checkpoints is processed faster.

Demirdzhiev, who said he closely followed the work at border control posts, said:

Every day we receive information and monitor the traffic situation. We have received a new mission, and we are planning to build a railway and a road to provide better access to these two border control points. Only in this way, we believe, we can respond to the rapidly developing Turkish economy and its increasing traffic every year. Apart from that, we discussed concrete steps in our fight against terrorist organizations operating in the territories of both countries. We shared information about it and did what was necessary for a successful struggle. The Turkish side has researched the dead border policemen, and we are grateful to the Turkish side for that. I am pleased that we cooperated fully in this matter and I hope that we will get to the truth very soon. I really believe we will find out the reasons behind this crime more clearly. I would like to express our sorrow for the terrorist act that took place in Turkey, and I have already expressed my sorrow to Minister Soylu. I assured Mr. Soylu that I said that we will fight fiercely in every issue related to all kinds of terrorist acts and that we will show our necessary will. I say that every terrorist who somehow comes to our land or anyone who helps them will be arrested and brought to justice. Our efforts in this regard will continue to increase.”


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