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Balkans |  Mustafa Karaday: HÖH will do its best to form a regular government

Movement for Rights and Freedoms Chairman Mustafa Karaday said at the party’s press conference at the end of election day, “HÖH will make every effort to have a regular government. Let’s solve people’s problems by acting intelligently and responsibly through dialogue.” HÖH was the only party that held a press conference yesterday evening about the results of the People’s Assembly elections forty-ninth session.

Karady said: “I would like to thank all the Bulgarian citizens who participated in these elections. Naturally, I would like to thank the hundreds of thousands of Bulgarian citizens who voted for the MRF.” The leader of the political party especially thanked the HÖH organizations for their good work.

Karadi said HÖH will wait for the final results of the election analysis and make its political assessments. HÖH President said: “However, in this situation where the state is, we would like to say that politicians in Bulgaria need reason, responsibility and dialogue. Perhaps our campaign slogan lies at the heart of the abstention of all political forces from political commentary until the final results. Because after the results are announced Elections must be a dialogue, and in this dialogue a formula must be found for the people’s agenda so that it becomes the agenda of the politicians, the People’s Assembly and the future government so that the people’s problems can be solved.

Karaday stated that HÖH urged all parties to act in a way that creates an opportunity for dialogue after the elections, by not drawing dividing lines, in the current 49th People’s Assembly election campaign, as it did in the 48th People’s Assembly election campaign.

HÖH President said, “Don’t expect us to draw dividing lines. We exist for dialogue.”

The political leader said, “We will do our best to form a normal government, because there is no way to overcome other crises, economic, social and energy, without overcoming the political crisis. There are problems of high inflation, high prices and job insecurity. We will do our best to ensure an orderly government.”

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