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Balkans |  National Defense Minister Akar met with his Croatian counterpart, Panuzic

Minister Akar said, “We exchanged information on defense and security issues between Turkey and Croatia. Our meetings were very productive and constructive. We are glad to see that we agree on many issues.” He said.

National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar met with Croatian Defense Minister Mario Panozic.

Akar Panuzic, who came to Turkey with the Croatian Chief of the General Staff, Admiral Robert Hange, as an official guest, was received at a military ceremony at the Ministry of National Defense, with the Chief of the General Staff, General Yasar Guler.

After the guest minister Panuzic received the guard of ceremonies and signed the honor book, the two ministers first received the tete and then presided over the talks between the two delegations. The meetings were attended by Chief of the General Staff Guler and Chief of the Croatian Staff Admiral Hrang.

After the meeting between the delegations, which was also attended by Deputy Minister of National Defense Muhsin Dere, Akar and Panuzic made press statements.

Akar stated that they exchanged information on defense and security issues between Turkey and Croatia with Panuzic, who addressed him as “my dear friend”, and said: “Our meetings were very fruitful and constructive. We are glad to see that we agree on many issues.”

Akar also drew attention to the fact that Panuzic is the first defense minister to come to Turkey from Croatia after 9 years.

Emphasizing that after the earthquakes, whose epicenter was in Kahramanmaraş on February 6, Akar continued the struggle with which the state began shoulder to shoulder with all its institutions, organizations, units and nation, and he said: “91 countries contributed to this. We supported this struggle and worked in various ways. One of them was Croatia. I would like to thank and express my gratitude to the Croatian government and its people, the Minister and other countries for their support and contributions.” He said.

Akar drew attention to the long historical past between Turkey and Croatia:

The political framework was drawn up during our President’s meetings during his visit to Croatia last year. Within this framework, the trust-based relations between the two countries continue and develop. Within the framework of these specific principles and principles, we had the opportunity to have a joint discussion with the Minister of Defense in detail about cooperation in the field of military training and defense industry issues. Regarding Euro-Atlantic security, we agreed that cooperation between Turkey and Croatia within the framework of NATO will contribute greatly to both NATO and the region. We also emphasized the importance of our bilateral and regional cooperation in this regard.

Akar stated that they also exchanged views on combating terrorist organizations and said that they also assessed developments in Ukraine.

“We, as Turkey, have confirmed that we have supported Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereign rights from the very beginning.” Akar said they also stressed the importance of defense industry cooperation between Turkey and Croatia, and they also assessed what could be done.

Stressing that cooperation in the fields of defense and security is important not only for Turkey and Croatia, but also for peace and stability in the Balkans, the region and the region, Akar stressed once again the importance of military dialogue meetings in order to take concrete steps. We mutually agreed that the military delegations would meet in first chance.” He said.

Akar concluded his speech by expressing his belief that the visit, which he described as “important and meaningful”, will make great contributions to the two countries, the region, the Balkans and NATO.

Panuzic’s words

Croatian Defense Minister Mario Banuzic also thanked Minister Akar for the “warm meeting”.

Describing Turkey and Croatia as friendly countries for many years, Panuzic said, “We had a very constructive meeting with Mr. Akar, the Minister of National Defense, and together we confirmed the progress of relations between the two countries.” He said.

Panuzic expressed his condolences for the earthquake, and said that immediately after the earthquake, relief teams were sent from Croatia to Turkey. Panuzic expressed his constant readiness to help, and thanked Turkey for the assistance after the earthquake in Petrinja, Croatia in 2020.

Panuzic emphasized that cooperation between the two countries continues well in the defense industry as well as in military affairs, and invited Minister Akar to the Adriatic Military and Aviation Show, which is described as “the largest regional military exhibition in southern Europe.”

Referring to the one year anniversary of the Russo-Ukrainian War, Panuzic said, “Croatia has been defending Ukraine’s independence and territorial integrity since the beginning of the war. I would also like to make it clear that he will always come to Ukraine’s aid.” He said.

Panuzic, who thanked the Turkish political leadership and efforts to end the war and achieve a ceasefire, said that “Croatia shows great sensitivity in maintaining very good relations with Turkey.” I finish.


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